Zoo Kid – old but still so good


I think I totally missed this when it was popular last year. Because I feel like I discovering things – FOR THE FIRST TIME. Speaking of the first time – I just read that J. Biebs might be fathering a baby after his first time. That – is unfortunate. Not that it has anything to do with Zoo Kid – but seriously? What are the fucking chances – that sort of stuff happens to religious people, who swore abstinance.. Shame.

Anyway – I am absolutely getting down to Zoo Kid. My coworker forwarded it through to me the other day, and I can’t stop/ wont stop. My two favs are below (Ocean Bed & Out Getting Ribs).. Particularly loving the ecstasy fueled number “Ocean Bed”, makes my stomach tense and my toes curl a bit.

Kind of remarkable voice for a kid.. Well he looks like a kid. All low and soothing. This feels weird. I’m going to stop now.

Just listen away, my loves X


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