You’re a class act, Class Actress.


So this past Saturday I went to see Washed Out (who BTW, were awesome) – pre-show Class Actress played. I don’t know if I had heard, but paid little attention to, or whether I have never heard, but jumped on the band wagon pretty easily. Either way > love.

And it’s funny, I had friends at the concert (didn’t know they were going to be there, random hello’s etc.) who were also like “came to see Washed Out, what a bonus to have peeked Class Actress” – I actually think that might have been the general consensus.. Seriously, awesome. On the theme of them being awesome, here are a few of their tracks below that I like.. When I say a few, I mean a couple.. Which means two. FYI.

This is a total after thought, so – I’m sorry it doesn’t seamlessly mash.. These kids are from Brooklyn. All cool shit comes from NY.. I think I need to move there.. Not because I am necessarily that cool, but because I will have access to cool business like this, all the time.. I have location envy.. fcukers.

Back on point, take a gander at their facey’s, and as a result fan that shit.


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