Young Wonder = delicious


Well Young Wonder are pretty effing delciious – am I right? There is something completely soothing about this song that just makes me feel a handful of things – and imma gonna list them, because I’m feeling time poor, and I want to get them out into the ethers while the song ticks over:

  1. I feel like I am in Thailand
  2. It should be warm – meaning I shouldn’t have just had to put my woolen number on.
  3. I should be in some sort of humid market place
  4. Nobody should be frowning

So – ultimately – we are in Brokedown Palace – before they are put in jail for drug smuggling. Ideal. I’m loving To You so much currently. Femme’s Irish lilt makes my little heart melt – and I’m really not one for accents, so this is a thing. You’ve managed to thing me Young Wonder – in an entirely non-dirty way.

That sounds overtly sexual – it’s not.


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