Young love – is #NOTOK, to promote on Facebook.


So – it’s a Tuesday, I am a day late on this post, but I thought I would let this notion wash over me a bit and see if I still felt as revolting, after some sleep.. And I do. Yesterday was a Monday (starting to sound a bit like a Rebecca Black song – sorry) which meant that people that had a sick weekend, loaded all their photos up on Facebook to illustrate about how sick they are.. Now this is fine, but things that I hate most about people uploading photos is that half of it is too show off.. What really urks me about these moments on a Monday is uncouple’y people popping up coupled up photos.

I get it – you have it together enough that someone wants to spend time with you more than just a drink on a Saturday – but don’t rub your perfect life in my face.. Having said that – I feel like if life really were that perfect, would you really be putting pics up of you and your part time BF/GF’s weekend – like Ahhhh aren’t we cute and maybe (maybe not) in love.

I think I might just be in a mood and today/ yesterday it is/was just really bothering me, or perhaps you are all lame. And you should quit it. It’s semi rich coming from me – who has Facebook diarrhea┬ápermanently.. And when I say that, I mean that I post all the time, I can’t help it – I’m a good Facebook’er. And it’s not because I have nothing better to do, I probably do – but I’m quick at the face, AND sometimes insightful.. OK – that might be a bit of a stretch. But, it’s good to be good at Facebook.. I mean it’s better than being good at the Yellow Pages – right?

So, team of “I want you all to see how fabulous I really am, to make my life feel validated/ important” Quit it. Or else I will have to go and get myself some sort of boyfriend, and flaunt it shamelessly across Facebook. I like my shit private, and I don’t want a permanent male friend right now.

Get your happiness, out of my face.


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