You have to write a letter to get a letter..


Pretty wise words. Frankly – I find myself a bit annoying most of the time. I am one of those that Facebooks you, calls you, or texts you. I don’t need the invitation, but that is also because I like to then receive a Facebook, a call or a text. Perhaps it is annoying to have this attitude, I’m not entirely sure..

But frankly – I think it’s pretty dull to think that that mountains should come to Moses, so to speak. I have found I have a few friends like this, that just think that they can sit and do nada, and everything will still be ok.

Now all I will say is “You have to write a letter, to get a letter” and if they don’t get it – obviously they are just too far below my level, for me to even bother.

Do I look bothered?


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