YESYOU! – yeah, really you make me weak.


I heard YESYOU while back at home. on the radio (triple J) – which was a nightmare really because I had to sit in the car repeating YESYOU YESYOU – so I wouldn’t forget til I got home.. but then I did – evidently. And now I just saw them on my FB wall somehow, and I’m elated.

Pretty sure they are Aussie wonders, doin’ it well. And I am L.O.V.I.N.G it! I don’t think this is the song I heard in the car – but it’s pretty good – and available to listen to on Soundcloud – so that worked in this instance.

From what I can gather – the group is out of Brisvegas (Brisbane) and formed in 2010.. and on a side note – they are sort of Aussie babes, and for someone who is considering the big move back to Australia, I’m not sure how I feel about finding all these music talents – who are just so crush worthy. STOP BEING SO GOOD LOOKING AUSTRALIA, it’s making it hard for me to not want to come home.

They’re pretty bloody major, hit play… mate


Free download of Half Of It at YesYou’s Bandcamp
Free download of Half Of It at YesYou’s Soundcloud

Thanks The Discoverialist for the heads up on free shit BIS X


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