Y’all know what is dreamy? Highasakite.


I’ve had a big day. I went to German class, I visited Nordic by Nature, I ate TWO sandwiches for lunch (my appetite is officially back – I’m in two minds about this), and I fixed the front tyre AND all the lights on my bike – BY MYSELF! This is where I managed to meet my future German boyfriend. He doesn’t know I exist – but I know where he works.. And so the stalking commences.

I digress. While I caught up with the femmes over at Nordic by Nature they introduced me to Highasakite. Now, the thing is I feel like I have been reading about this team for a while, or at least a week. But I don’t think I had listened.. Because I am – right now, and they are delicious.

Hailing from the Nordic regions of the globe (Norwayyyyy) – I’m pretty sure they were supposed to be involved in my Nordic Week – but that semi failed > blame life.

Y’all need to get all over Indian Summer – it’s dreamy, a free download, and you’ll like it.

Or else.


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