WU LYF – you are my most interesting band of 2011. You’re welcome.


I am like totally obsessed with WU LYF (see past WU LYF posts as a refresher).. It is possibly the most exciting thing that is happening to me in the next 3 weeks (their album is out 13th June – calendar.that.shit)

The one above is Dirt – and I am loving it.. Frankly, I think these guys do it right.. They release their business all sneaky like.. Don’t make a big fuss – just…. there it is. There is an air of mystery about them, which I am totally obsessed with..

Obsess with me, and rock out to WU LYF – immed. P.S – they are playing in Los Angeles on Wednesday 27 Jul.. Is it semi retarded I am thinking about going.. Most expensive concert of my life.. Probably.


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