WU LYF – I fucking love you, but I am nervous I am committing an age inappropriate crime by vocalizing this…


Things I am excited for.. WU LYF’s new album.. dropping June 13th.

I think this might be a first on the site for these guys – but I am madly in love. To be honest, I don’t actually know that much about the team, and am a little confused by their website..

But I love that they are just a bunch of kids, having a go and doing it right.. OBSESSION. (one day we will cover follow through, and my thoughts on it. following through right – these guys)

I mean – look, this is only a video – but the music and visuals (together) make me sort of hopeful – like this ragging hopeful. I cannot get the smile off my face.. Which is kind of shitty at work.. I mean then people ask me:

Coworker: Lucy – why the stupid grin..?
Lucy: Oh you know – just some kids on the YouTube – that’s all..

Anyway – keep an open mind, and listen to WU LYF – if you get the whole way through they finish up with the most glorious message..

“I love you, keep it good/ keep it good kids, cos you know I love you, and imma always love you forever” (swoon.)


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