WREN will I see you, again.. ba-da-da-da-da


ALORS – we have spoken before about how I have talented friends, and frankly I don’t give them enough ATT: in life. So the other day I was looking through my facey’s, I do this often – I’m a big looker.. Yeah be creeped out. Anyway – the song below is by a mate of mine. Back to facebook – Facebook is ingenius. I mean seriously, if I didn’t have it, I wouldn’t know that she sang – and then I wouldn’t be able to whore it off to you guys.

I am semi obsessed with WREN. I mean, it’s like so pretty, and sassy – AT THE SAME TIME! I don’t know that many people can carry that. You can be sassy, but I think that often when you are sassy – you are kind of firm. Pretty people are almost wistful, and a push over if you will (no offense pretty people). But I just feel like we are combining the two with WREN and that just makes my little beating heart ache with jealousy.

Go fan WREN’s face, IMMED.


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