RANT OF THE DAY: We are officially our worst enemy – and it KILLS ME


I am having raging issues this morning. And it all revolves around being a girl. We have covered why being a girl is hard – but I find it to be the hardest when you are victimized by others.. Now – I normally don’t feel victimized – I mean, I feel sorry for myself all the time because I have to go to Lonni (best waxer in SF – beyond a doubt) or whatever – but I don’t for reasons of weakness, and I DON’T because others make me feel this way..

But this morning I read an article about female chefs in San Francisco – and the outrage from females and males as to why the “up and comings of the city” were all males. Now – look, people – if there aren’t enough female chefs to make the list – the writer cannot fabricate them. And by you alone saying that it’s TERRIBLE that there are none on the list makes me feel like you are asking for preferential treatment… Are you?

It was outlined by the writer that there were a handful of female chefs (that were known) who had been considered for the list – but frankly – they just weren’t as good as the men in line for the title. This is FINE. This is a competition. This is ranking the BEST up and comer in the chef world. You don’t just get included because you are female – like you shouldn’t just get included because you check some diversity box like (for example) being Chinese or African American. You get included on the list because of your skill level. By expecting that there should be some females on the list because it is sexist otherwise – IS FUCKING SEXIST. You are supporting what you are going up against.

Why don’t you see the chefs as CHEFS – and not by which sex they represent. By boiling it down to that (an almost battle of the sexes) – you are going hand in hand with giving women different treatment – when for the longest time, I was of the assumption – everyone was “fighting” for equality.

The writer then went on to talk about how being a chef is pretty hard with the long hours and the general night nature of the job (thus, expressing that perhaps this was the reason there were a lack of female chefs) – and how (unfortunately) this doesn’t match with most females life goals – who want babies, and who want to LOOK after their babies. This is true. I mean – it is a shame – BUT IT IS A FACT. Ladies want the babies, and they don’t want the nannies  – they want the families.

This shit always pisses me off because I come from a family where my mother bought home most of the bacon – my father worked a good job – and my sister and I were looked after by Nancy (our nanny) and then sent to boarding school. There are options for you stupid stupid women/ men who get in a tizz about this women against the world shit. Because you can – you will – and you are able to find ways… If you want to.

What actually really frustrated me about this article was that people were shooting their mouths off – and getting pissed, but couldn’t offer a female candidate. I mean – get upset – sure.. IF you can say “this sucks because did you consider Female Chef 1 from X rest. OR Female Chef 2 from X rest.”  – perhaps there were some female chefs MISSED because they are unknown, perhaps. And if that is the case – why not speak up, throw it out there.. But don’t just say “You’re shit, this is shit, I fucking hate you, you Neanderthal.” That doesn’t help anyone.

Observations of the day: People are idiots (find the Michael Bauer article here)


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