Wistful thinking – that’s what happens with the Moor


I don’t know why I like this song.. I wouldn’t normally, I don’t think. But then again – I sort of am a music whore like that. This just landed in my inbox, and I’m sort of really digging it.

A sick video could be made to this song, with some sort of really obnoxious 60’s video footage of a brothel > or something. I mean, not the sexy bits at a brothel – obvs. That’s called pornography > you can find that on the tele after 2A in Denmark, or online – Google it: 60’s brothel porn, if that’s what you are into.

Anyway! this is great! The Moor‘s You’ll See is great. It makes me feel all romantic, with a ting of sadness. and I mean – there are reasons people write songs which make you feel sad.. Mainly because people are arseholes, also because we (the listener) are all a bunch are masochists.

Just JOKES! – have a listen.


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