WIN TICKETS: momentum #3 Mmoths, Soosh, Henrik José und…. du!


momentum #3: Mmoths, Soosh, Henrik JoséOK – so this momentum (number 3 – heyyo!) we have some pretty fucking delectable producers, which is a weird thing coming out of my mouth – because seriously, what the fuck would I know. But having had a listen for a better half of a week, I can firmly say I would vibe this, Bron would vibe this – I reckon my mum could get around this, and that’s not even a slate – it’s a compliment.

We are going to just run through the acts so you know wassup, get you informed – so you can all make good decisions!


Leading the charge of live melting moments – Mmoths is 20 (I feel shit about life), Irish (so he has a funny accent), the guy behind 2013’s totally heavenly EP Diaries and for reference Xx-tour mate alumni. Old mate is also playing Dockville later this weekend, your mate Vivien covered the pro’s and con’s off over here.


He’s joined by Soosh – who has the most fabulous story I’ve ever read, of a Producer – ever… Born in Iran, old mate escaped the Khomeini-regime tied to the back of his parents on a motorbike fleeing the country from religious persecution. He was only 6 months old, once across in safer havens Soroosh reached European ground and eventually landed in Scotland. Circa 2010 Soroosh started writing music, and Soosh was born. Old mate is wrapped in all sorts of layers of lovely with his debut full length back in Feb, Colour is Breathe. I’m not sure that Colour is Breathe makes actual sense from an English stand point – but we can get right behind it.


Rounding up the live contingent is local Henrik José, who will be joined by visual artist Sven Bauer for all-encompassing AV deal. Firm placed between vocal driven pop and suggestive experimental electronic music – you’ll mostly find yourself quietly moving to new yet totally personal.

For the night owls, Kyson has been invited back for a DJ set. It’s going to be get down and delicious – and we have tickets, for you.

We are keeping it really simple on how to get these (we have 1×2 to giveaway) – just answer the below question in the comments section below BEFORE midday tomorrow (Thursday 15 Aug):

If you were to drink water and another drink for the rest of your life,
what would the other drink be – and WHYYYY?!

Mine would probably be….wine? because that’s one drink with lots of flavours…. Killed it.

All details of the event can be found on the Facebook event page, but just in case this is all too hard, here’s the skinny.

DATE: 15 AUGUST 2013
DOORS: 21:00 (that’s 9PM for all that can’t read a 24hr clock)


You have until 12P Thursday, 15th August to enter this and if all else fails – get your tickets at the venue. We are (really sadly) coming to the end of our summer months, and we should all be getting around these fleeting summer vibes with a clever drink, or six.

Enter the comp – and (regardless) see you on Thursday. X




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