Willis Earl Beal hits Berlin and we are P-U-M-P-E-D


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Willis Earl Beal is an “if you want” musician with an attitude, a musician who questions capitalism and offers his friendship, in particular to his fans. A friend with distance who, instead of indulging our pleasure, rather imagines to slaughter our cheerful bodies with an axe.

Willis Earl Beal arrived in the fields of music by spreading flyers all over the greater metropolitan area of Chicago with his grandma’s phone number and address. When someone found that piece and actually called, Willis would sing them a song. A beautiful story and the start of a beautiful career at XL’s New York based subsidiary label Hot Charity in 2011. He got introduced as the new homeless singer who was soon about to become the new American soul underdog, following in the steps of Nick Cave, Tom Waits and Vincent Gallo, whom he calls his inspiration.

As the label’s empathy wasn’t really as XL as he was hoping for, Willis split up with them to self-release his latest album “Experiments in Time”, thinking of and cheering on “all the lonely psychopaths who listen to music in the middle of the night while riding their bikes”.

He’s playing Berlin this Friday. We are excited, can you tell? Unfortunately the concert is sold out… but maybe you can get creative.

So.. Cool! Hi Willis, welcome to Berlin!



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