Who’s this guy? And where does he think he gets off?


On Sunday I came back from Mexico, caught the train home from the airport and found this guy, who ACTUALLY took the cake for my day of international transit.

I do get from a quick glance it looks to be nothing out of the ordinary – just a guy, on a cellphone – wearing two pairs of glasses… Here are the issues, as I see them.

  1. It’s 10:02P you do not need to be wearing your sunglasses. Do you hear me? You are not famous, no one cares who you are, it is NIGHT TIME, the shades come off.
  2. I don’t have/ need spectacles, however – I would imagine that if I were to wear them with my sunglasses – I would want them underneath the shades as they are sort of more important than sheltering your eyes from the sun – which by the way, is not present – at 10:02P.. We are not in Iceland in the middle of summer.
  3. We are traveling through tunnels. I know that most of you have not traveled on BART before – but you can’t be on the phone and ride the train, at the same time. Not unless you are between Civic Center/ Embarcadero – then you can, but it’s kind of noisy and you are a knob for talking on the phone on public transport.
  4. You know what guy, I’m going to call your bluff. I don’t actually think you were on your phone. I think you are just trying to look cool in your double glasses with your circa 2001 cellular device. Yes – I’m on to you arsehole.
  5. For the love of god, stop looking at me. I stopped taking your picture minutes ago – you didn’t catch me. I look like shit, I’ve had my head in a toilet for hours (I got sick on the way back from Mexico, painful – but hoping skinnier?), and frankly you must realise that wearing sunglasses inside (biggest part of this – at night!) is a place where most draw a line?

Perhaps he is amusing… Who am I kidding, he is amusing. There is a song about about people like him (the sunglasses at night bit, not double glasses – that has never been a thing.. unless you are a senior and have those wrap around numbers), which claimed a bit of disco respect back in my days of disco (2003ish) – and maybe that is who we have to blame..? I don’t know. I can’t figure out if I am not keeping up, or if there is just so much offensive shit going on at the moment, people deserve my criticism..?

I’m certain it will all come out in the wash, but this guy… was NOT OK. The End.


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