Who is Laura? That’s what I want to know.


Sometimes I feel like Laura. Can I say that? I mean – I’ve felt like Laura at least once in the last month. I’m pretty sure that every person that listens to this song – has had a moment of Laura or knowing a Laura – and that’s ok.

It’s this wonderfully powerful, yet fucking sad creature. It’s almost manic. And as much as Haim no longer makes me cry but run faster out of goal kicking’ness – Bat For Lashes “Laura” pretty much makes me hold my sides as a want not to fall apart.

Is that depressing? It feels depressing. Yet this number is pretty glorious, and as much as it makes me ache with sadness/ extreme highs (at the very same time), I want to hit play over and over again.

Let four and a half minutes of your life depress you, on purpose – just once. It’s really pretty beautiful.

And I don’t use that word lightly, slash ever. X


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