WHERE’S THE MUSIC: Sabina Ddumba


So we are gearing up for Where’s the Music in about 2 weeks. Spanning over 4 days in Norrköping Sweden – it’s a smorgasbord of mostly Nordic but some international acts highlighting all the hot-fresh-out-the-oven stuff we should all consider getting around in 2016. I’m terrified and excited, simultaneously. I’m not sure Sweden in February is something I’m really emotionally prepared for. But I’m excited for the challenge ! and I’m really excited for all these music vibes, it’s been too long.

Today we are checking in with some serious pop vibes, but I’m pretty into it. Sabina Ddumba, hi. I don’t know what’s happening to me recently but I’m all about a clever pop anthem and a swift urge to finger click… As opposed to what Lucy? Probably could have just said “click” there. Frau Ddumba comes to us from Stockholm, which I feel is not totally unexpected considering the sort of femme powerhouses we have had out of Sweden in the last few years (Seinabo Sey, Mapei etc. etc.) And with that, go on Sweden you good thing with your strong female front women.


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