So we are gearing up for Where’s the Music Festival in about 2 weeks. Spanning over 4 days in Norrköping Sweden – it’s a smorgasbord of mostly Nordic but some international acts highlighting all the hot-fresh-out-the-oven stuff we should all consider getting around in 2016.  I’m terrified and excited, simultaneously. I’m not sure Sweden in February is something I’m really emotionally prepared for. But I’m excited for the challenge ! and I’m really excited for all these music vibes, it’s been too long.

The first act we are excited about is Khoe. What do I know about this duo made up of Robin Lindvall and Isabel Neib? Really – not much. I’ve just spent some time on their facebook, soundcloud etc. etc. And the facts I do know – the group was formed in 2015 and it’s made up of 2 humans. The two tracks they have available online are catchy as fuck, in the best Swedish pop ways available.


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