What’s Up Weekend? June 26 – July 2 2014


Things are happeningngngnngngngn. This week there is stuff on, and we are loving it. There’s the Berliner Festspiele, Homopatik and… BRON’S BIRTHDAYYYY. The week is nuts. The days are bananas. The weather is shit. But – long hair don’t care, it’s the motherfucking weekend.

This week is our last week of giving things away, thanks to the lovely team over at Nutcase Helmets. If you still don’t know who Nutcase is – you need to do a better job of paying attention (you’ve had FOUR whole weeks!), but I will go through it again.

Nutcase make helmets for your heads. Nice helmets for your head. What this does is it keeps your brain safe when you’re navigating the streets among cars, people and other moving objects that get in your way along the asphalt. Brain safety is much like safe sex and/ or wearing a seat belt – a very real thing.

Riding your bike from disco to disco, at night, tiddley (idiots) is bigger than the blog and not something we keen on tackling – but we are able to negotiate it. Welcome our Nutcase Helmet Giveawayyyyy (said in and Oprah voice). Winning is dead easy, all you have to do is the following:

  1. Give us your details through the Facebook page
  2. And you’ll go in the running.

It is actually the easiest thing you will do today, probably. Sort your life out.

Below are some of the events we are recommending for the week ahead in Berlin. Each of them is either highlighted with a:

Bron loves it! – more electronic, than not.
Lucy loves it! – more indie boy band/ pop vibes/ not techno.
Everyone loves it! – 2.5 words: shit’s ACE

***DISCLAIMER: these aren’t the only discos that are going on – they are just the ones that stand out.


BERLINER FESTSPIELE – FOREIGN AFFAIRS FESTIVAL (until July 13th) – Everybody loves it!

Kicking off today is Foreign Affairs festival, returning to Berlin for the third time, with a broad international offering and an all-encompassing performance art slant (ie. more than simply tunes, dancefloor Leute). Set mostly at Berliner Festspiele, the 18 day festival will see 25 performances (incl. seven world premieres & eight German premieres!) from over 300 artists, of so many viel different nationalities. Amongst various goodness, we’re particularly excited about one of their areas of focus, ‘Performing Pop’, which in this first week of the festival includes How to Dress Well performing new album ‘What is this Heart’ (swoon) accompanied by choreography from Brendan Fernandes (29.06). Another drawcard for fans of dance, are several performances from choreographer Boris Charmatz and his company Musée de la Danse. This includes what should be a pretty incredible off-site experience in “20 Dancers for the XX Century” (27.06, 28.06), a performance of 20th century dance history at the Soviet War Memorial in Treptower Park. Oh hiya magical setting. A concert with Everything But The Girl’s Ben Watt on Saturday (28.06) is also looking good or if you’re ready to get involved tonight, then check out a variety of performances from Belgium, France, Canada and the Netherlands for their opening concert.


Also worth checking out:

CHESTERS – UnReal pres. Fis, Lumisokea, Born in Flames – MEHR INFOS 

CHALET – Wanted w/ Jovonn, Gratts, Daniela La Ruz – MEHR INFOS

COOKIES – Last Dance #11 w/ Intergalactic Gary – MEHR INFOS


://ABOUT BLANK (until Sunday) – Bron loves it! 

It’s June, everything’s bonkers (the bloody Wetter included), it’s Bron’s birthday (Yep! I like glutenfree cake guys, cheers and danke) and Homopatik are backing up last week’s shenanigans with another party this weekend. Sleep, what sleep?? More of those weekend-long dancing vibes (this will run until Sunday evening), to a mostly house and disco soundtrack from Mr. Ties and co, at what many Berliners regard as the best party in the Haupstadt. Bonus this week – part two of their Star Wars theme with The Empire Strikes Back. We predict interesting props.


48 STUNDEN NEUKÖLLNEverybody loves it! 

400 contemporary art events, 250 venues, 2 days and one reasonably condensed part of Neukölln. Whatever your flavour, there has to be something for everyone at 48 Stunden Neukölln, with everything from an exhibition on a rooftop bar / shopping centre car park to live music incl. calypso and gypsy swing to films, theatre, readings, and mehrrr. This year’s theme is Courage, and as always the festival aims to encourage the whole community to get involved – regardless of age/language/background. It’s all very kiez-freundlich. Check out their website for a full program or just go wandering around Nord Neukölln – who knows what you’ll stumble across.


Also worth checking out:

PANORAMA BAR – Nina Kraviz, Eli Vereine, Sub-ann – MEHR INFOS

CHALET – White Tiles w/ Jay Shepheard, Baron Castle, Moon&Man – MEHR INFOS 

FARBFERNSEHER – Massimiliano Pagliara & j.e.e.p – MEHR INFOS


CHALET – Bron loves it! 

Increasingly one of our more recommended dancefloors, Chalet is again looking ideal this Samstag abend with their Clubnight with Hunee (Rush Hour), Youandewan (Aus), Josh Tweek (Louche) and more.  Being Berlin-based it’s likely you might’ve caught Hunee at some point or another, however that doesn’t make a set by the house and disco maestro any less of a treat. Searching for a hit of feel good? This is the one.


Also worth checking out: 

BERGHAIN – Frank & Tony (Francis Harris and Anthony Collins), DJ Pete, Terrence Fixmer (live) – MEHR INFOS

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