To be fair, at any point throughout Dimensions, there’s a pretty high chance of you getting wrapped up in vibes. The setting is breathtaking, the weather is about as pleasant as things gets, the line-up is diverse, delicious and unique and the people around you are probably going to that ideal breed of party-person who are there for a good time but also give a shite about the music and  who’s playing. Happy, sexy, party people.

If anything the whole thing is a bit overwhelming (vibes here, vibes there, it’s too much!), so we’ve tried to break things down, day-by-day and pull out a few highlights, based both on the artists themselves and the stages & times they’ve been paired with. We hope it’s somewhat helpful – at the least, enjoy the pictures :) CROATIAN KISSES X



You’ve arrived in Pula – good work! Here’s your opening night reward:

  1. A 2,000 year-old Roman amphitheatre (one of the oldest in Europe)
  2. Caribou soon to release new album – performing live
  3. Nils Frahm – NILS FRAHM IN A 2,000 YR OLD AMPITHEATRE (live)
  4. Darkside performing together for one of the last times
  5. Kwabs – also has album on the way, also performing live (it’s all a bit too much really).

Not in Croatia but keen to get involved? Get that festival feeling via a live broadcast c/o Boiler Room & the world wide web.



For an pre-party / afterhour vibe, Pacino’s is where it’s at. A permanent bar on the beach of Fort Punta Christo, Pacino’s goes into overdrive in the week’s surrounding both Outlook & Dimensions festivals, and this week they’ve already kicked things off with both their own DJs and Dimensions artists (and affiliated fam) making up their bill (catch the full line-up over here). Tonight – the prediction is all sorts of party feelings with The Menedez BrothersJoe RolétLiam Wachs (who we got tips from last year) and loads more. If you’re headed to the Opening Concert be sure to swing by here. afterwards – it’ll be running until 05:00.




There’s no messing around with the festival’s full program diving straight into the most ideal daytime jams on the Beach Stage – your more chilled, daylight hours option. Swim/dance/chill to music from one of our must-sees at Dimensions, John Wizards (live) (recap on our interview with John from earlier this week, over here), Awesome Tapes From Africa (yes!) and backing up from the opening concert, more of those live Kwabs vibes. This is your perfect festival beginning.


The boats are undeniably where all sorts of good times are at – and throughout the festival you’ll have 20+ options from a variety of European promoters/labels/media/party-starters to choose from. They can also often be a great chance to see DJs branch out a little from their usual flavour (I’m looking at a certain UK artist who played a set of pure 80s classics/Madonna two years back) – and well, you’ll be on a boat, in the Adriatic sea, in the sun – it doesn’t get much better than this. At this late stage, you’ll unfortunately find that most boats are sold out (which on Thurs includes RA’s boat of techno dons Marcel Dettman & Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir), however for those boats that aren’t, you’ll be able to purchase tickets on site. So tonight, give the Sensu boat with Jackmaster and Barry & Junior Price a crack – with the Glaswegian contingent this should be a guaranteed good time (recap on our chat with the Sensu crew from last year).


One of the things we love about Dimensions is their art for nabbing legendary artists from a wide range of genres – and making it work (!) – and tonight in The Clearing (hosted by Resident Advisor) is the perfect example of that. We’d be tempted to stay here all night to catch Roy Ayers (22:00 – 23:00) – who you might know via this bliss (released a casual 38 years ago) – , 77-year old Ghanian highlife master Ebo Taylor (01:20 – 02:30), the ever-awesome  Gilles Peterson (02:30 – 04:00) and queens of the coolest indie rock, Warpaint (23:40 – 00:40).


You need to spend some time consumed in Mungo’s whomping sound system, and this first night is looking pretty perfect as far as experiences go – with curation by Mala and an offering that includes Mala himself, another highlight from 2013 Tikiman & Scion (live) and  the Glaswegian crew behind the soundsystem, Mungo’s Hifi.


I wanted to cut short any further recommendations for Thursday – we’re close regurgitating the whole line-up here – however HYPERDUB takeover. I’ll just leave this here: Jessy Lanza, Kode 9, Scratcha DVALaurel Halo, Cooly G  …. And if we’re luck they’ll have sporadic bursts of fire like previous years – SO VIBEY. If all went to shite and we had to leave the festival after Day 1, we’d still be happy.




Get out of bed! Apron’s boat with Funkineven & Seven Davis Jr departs at 12:30 and we’re pretttyyyy certain it’s not sold out. Miss that one? Try Who The Fuck Common Sense‘s boat departing at 20:00 w/ Roman FlügelKonstantin Sibold b2b Lief Muller and Candy Pollard – an ideal day-becomes-night German house & techno delivery.


With a pretty huge year of touring one pretty mind blowing album, there’s a good chance you might’ve already caught Jon Hopkins live in the past year? Either way, our thought is that  you can never have too much Jon, so get yourself to the clearing around 01:45 for another dose of melody at it’s best via the great man. Earlier in the night you should also check out Fatima & the Eglo Band (live) (23:15 – 00:00), who can be sampled by Fatima’s beautiful album over here and to close – all sorts of mayhem c/o Jackmaster & Oneman pres. Can U Dance (04:00 – 06:00)


What must be one of the most unique dancefloors going around, The Moat – an actual Moat, no jokes – is nothing short of incredible, with core-rattling speakers stretched along the length of it’s scarily high, narrow below-ground walls. This stage is made for raving – and there’s a high chance of that this eve c/o a Hessle v. L.I.E.S takeover including Pearson Sound, Ron Morelli, Ben UFO, Pangaea, Svengalisghost (live) & moreeeee. Tip – get there early. As with most of the stages, capacity is limited and queues will probably happen at peak times. The flipside of this is that it’s actually incredible to stand above the Moat and watch the madness unfold too – so choose your own adventure.


Unfortunately Theo Parrish has had to cancel is live tour, so we won’t get to catch him with full band – HOWEVER a DJ set from the great man goes ahead and if we get him at his best this has the potential (as always!) to be a festival highlight. Catch him closing The Void (hosted by Electric Minds), for all sorts of  fine house, disco, jazz and genre-defying selections from another of Dimensions’ much-loved returning artists.




Set your alarm again for another great reason to get out of your tent/air bnb at the crack of (festival) dawn with Zleep & Dance Tunnel‘s boat (departing 12:30). They’ll be hosting ItaloJohnsonDamiano von Eckert and with their own Matt Wickings (dance tunnel) and Nick Cobby (zleep). FORT ARENA 1 Read the blog before? You’ll perhaps have caught our (Bron’s) love of all thangs Leisure System, so we’re pretty stoked they’ve got a night-long takeover of the Fort Arena 1 stage. From Special Request through to Funkineven, Seven Davis Jr, DJ Stingray and more, you’ll be take on a typically Leisure musical journey and we suggest getting in to another of these limited capacity stages to catch at least one of these sets.


Recurring location for ultimate vibes in 2014 – The Clearing, and tbf you could probably stay planted here the entire festival and be stoked with who you’d seen. On this third night – catch MoodymannDaphni, Omar, Space Dimensions Controller and Andrew Ashong (live). We’re not making this up – it’s bonkers. Moodymann, Daphni & SDC have all been highlights over the past two editions of the festival, and you could rely on more goodness spanning house, disco and intergalactic funk.


You need to make your way into the Ballroom – Dimensions tiniest stage – at least once. Like dancing in a well and just narrowly escaping that too-claustrophobic feeling (their capacity is around 80), this tucked away haven provides not only the chance to party on an intimate dancefloor yet check out perhaps lesser known acts. Any night is a good night, however tonight catch a Hifly x Selective Hearing with Joe RolétVincent NeumannJames Grow b2b Palm Food and moreee. Set on seeing any of these guys? Get there early! Capacity fills up very quickly.

dimensions 5



As the sun sets over this final eve (19:42 to be exact) make the most of possibly your last Adriatic sunset for the year with a swim/chill/hang and dance on the beach stage, with stand-out sets on this last hoorah coming from Trus’me (18:00 – 19:00) and The Internet (live) (19:00 – 20:00)


Rounding things out on the largest stage – techno nacht, w/ Moritz von Oswald & Juan Atkins pres. Borderland (live) (22:00 – 23:00), Underground Resistance pres. Timeline (live) (01:00 – 02:00), Robert Hood & closing with Nina Kraviz.


Want one last hit of sunshine feelings? Catch house/disco/funk mix master Floating Points (00:00 – 03:00) – on the same stage we (I/Bron) got all over this guy exactly two year prior. He’ll be followed by Motor City Drum Ensemble who we’re also pretty stoked to see Motor City Drum Ensemble – FORT ARENA 1 For the last two hours of the festival catch one of our favourite Swedes Axel Boman in all of his house glory, close out the festival. Schön Schön and even more schön.


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