What’s Up Weekend? 6 – 12 March 2014


Lucy’s in Melbourne, Bron’s poor – fly the flag for us this wochenende and drink great drinks, partake in a Berghain marathon (nothing changes hey?), embrace daytime party vibes or weep to the heavenly sounds of Nils Frahm. Party Kisses! XX

Below are some of the events we are recommending for the week ahead in Berlin. Each of them is either highlighted with a:

Bron loves it! – more electronic, than not.
Lucy loves it! – more indie boy band/ pop vibes/ not techno.
Everyone loves it! – 2.5 words: shit’s ACE.

***DISCLAIMER: these aren’t the only discos that are going on – they are just the ones that stand out.


SRS – The Bar Market – Everybody loves it! (Who doesn’t love clever booze?)

Now this is our kinda market. Taking place in The Senatsreservenspeicher – which you’ll surely be familiar with by sight if not name (it sits on Schlesi and looks directly at those two giant street art pieces by BLU),  The Bar Market is making it’s debut this week, and promises to be an artisanal beverage affair – without details this already sounds ganz lecker. Running every Friday & Saturday for the next month, The Bar Market will also serve as a last hoorah to the building as an art space, with re-development into flats & offices due in April. With a selection of local booze masters on board, bars this week will include a Reisling & Blaufränkish Wein Bar, Classic Cocktails Bar, Bloody Mary & Champagne bar, and more. Kicking off at 6pm, food will also be served, with the night winding up around 3am.


Also worth checking out:

ARENA CLUB – The Analogue Cops (live), DJ Sotofett, Florian Kupfer – MEHR INFOS

BERGHAIN/PANORAMA BAR – Berghain: Polymorphism: Untold dj set & live (a/v show with Current Current), 2562 (live) (with Heleen Blanken), Bintus (live). Pbar: Get Perlonzied (Zip, Cabanne, Sammy Dee Ultrakurt (live)) – MEHR INFOS


BANJA LUKA – Bron loves it!

If you find yourself on Saturday day wanting to keep on kicking from Friday (go you good thing), or fancy a little daytime sesh (don’t we all), head to Kreuzberg bar Banja Luka on Schlesi, for all sorts of daytime party vibes. Leading the charge for Wonderland presents… will be A Guy Called Gerald, who will be joined by Buzz Goree, Alex Picone, Alienata, und noch mehr. Things will get going at midday and wind up at 10am – the perfect end or start to a night. Free before 2pm!


Also worth checking out:

STATTBAD – Juju & Jordash (live), Moomin (Smallville), Stefan Goldmann (Macro), Monoloc (CLR) – MEHR INFOS



While every weekend can be a big one on the Berghain/Pbar front, this Sat/Sund is looking particularly juicy with something for everyone, and another one of those dancefloor marathon kinda affairs. Taking over the main floor will be Marcel Dettman Records and Blueprint, with naturally a hefty bill to match: Regis, DVS1, Kobosil, James Ruskin, Anthony Parasole, Marcel Dettmann, Answer Code Request. Upstairs, the Sat night leg will involve the return of London party-starters Electric Minds, playing host to Mr Beatnick, DJ Rolando, Trevino, Endian & Dolan Bergin and Paranoid London (Live). While Sonntag, will see Steffi, nd_baumecker, Fold and for the second time this weekend DVS1 with a house set. Pretty much the same time last year, (it was an Innervisions do), we saw DVS1 tear Pbar to pieces with one of these rare house sets, and I’m hanging out to see this again (as well as THOSE dance moves – incredible, pay particular attention to should action). This should be beyond popular and banging from start to finish – comfy shoes, fluids, etc.




Of 2013’s releases, I found few albums more beautiful than Nils Frahm’s Spaces. In fact, I wanted to write “moving” here but felt like a bit of a wanker, but I mean it! You’d have to have a cold cold heart to not feel somethinggggg when listening to that divine release (a recording from one of his live shows). Anyway, the great man of modern classical cross electronic mastery is playing tonight, and as you’d predict, shit’s ganz sold out. Why feature it then? Because I think it will be THAT good, and worth all sorts of trickery/ticket hunting to get yourself a seat. Ich wünsch euch viel Glück.


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