What’s Up Weekend? 30 October – 5 November 2014


Not involved in any Halloween shenanigans this wochenende? Kein ding, there’s plenty else to chose from – incl. Seekae – TONIGHT (!) – to which you could win tickets (!), a cheese festival (seriously), more Australians flavours by way of Remi – to which you could also win tickets (!) and mysterious electro-y techno at ://about blank. Bitte schön! X

Below are some of the events we are recommending for the week ahead in Berlin. Each of them is either highlighted with a:

Bron loves it! – more electronic, than not.
Lucy loves it! – more indie boy band/ pop vibes/ not techno.
Everyone loves it! – 2.5 words: shit’s ACE.

***DISCLAIMER: these aren’t the only discos that are going on – they are just the ones that stand out.


KANTINE AM BERGHAIN – Everybody loves it!

After catching Alex Cameron doing his solo thang on Tues, the week of Seekae related goodness continues tonight with a show from the complete act, at Berghain’s Kantine thanks to Shameless/Limitless, Noisey & Four Artists. Excited, us? JUST EIN BISSCHEN. Coming to us from Sydney, the trio are in the midst of a Euro tour for The Worry – their third full-length, released earlier this year on Future Classic and a delicious trip into their unique branch of indie electronica lead (this album) by Herr Cameron’s swoony voice. All reports suggest they do a pretty dreamy thing live, and we’re looking forward to hearing not only The Worry in the flesh yet (hopefully) a nice dose of 2011’s incredible +Dome too. Support comes from Jack Chosef, doors at 21:00 and for anyone up financial shit creek:


Oh ja! Thanks to Shameless/Limitless and friends we have 1 x 2 tickets to giveaway. Vielen vielen Dank. To win, you’re going to have to act super schnell and:

a) Flick this post a like (up top or down below)

b) Email win@lucyvstheglobe.com before 16:00 TODAY (Thurs 30.10). It’s a a flash sale Leute, get in quick!


Also worth checking out:

AMERIKA HAUS – C/O Berlin Grand Opening – MEHR INFOS


://ABOUT BLANK – Bron loves it!

We’re always looking for more reasons to get to this Friedrichshain outlier, so throw in a Freitag nacht party with an extremely rare, live set from an artist with hidden identity and a penchant for raunchy electroy techno bangers and we’re on the next s-bahn to Ostkreuz. Thrown together by moments, killekill & transitions, ‘Paranoia’ plays host to said mysterious music maker, Gesloten Cirkel (murder capital), who’ll be joined by I-F (intergalactic.fm), Alienata (snuff trax), I/Y (I/Y), DJ Flush (killekill) and more. No Halloween gimmicks, just what should be a pretty banging night – and if the event roll call if anything to go by, a ridiculously popular one. Get there earlyyyy.


Also worth checking out:



CHALET – A Family Afar w/ Urulu, Dan Shake, Avalon Emerson – MEHR INFOS

BERGHAIN / PANORAMA BAR – Klubnacht w/ Roman Flügel, Nina Kraviz, Marcel Dettman – MEHR INFOS

LOFTUS HALL – Lustgarten mit Tornado Wallace & Erdbeerschnitzel – MEHR INFOS

://ABOUT BLANK – Blank Generation with Portable (live), Markus Suckut, Orson Wells  – MEHR INFOS

SALON ZUR WILDEN RENATE – Studio Barnhus Pres. Baba Stiltz Album Launch – MEHR INFOS


MARKTHALLE NEUN – Everybody loves it! (FOOD) 

Cheese. An all-day affair dedicated to cheese. HALLO, GUTEN TAG, WIR SIND DA. Celebrating all that is delicious and the lactose-frei’s worst nightmare, Cheese Berlin 2014 is happening this Sonntag at Markthalle Neun (home of Street Food Thursdays and the Breakfast Market). It’s pretty easy to guess what will go down here, with the day kicking off at 11:00, running through until 19:00 (or until das cheese runs out) and a tonne of fancy cheese makers selling (and let’s hope sampling!) their specialties – from a number of Brandenburg cheeseries to “traditioneller farmhouse cheese” from Britain and selected producers from wider Germany, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, France & Sweden (international flavours – got them). As with any Markthalle Neun event we predict this will be a crowded one – so BYO patience and take this one slowly.



ARENA – The Knife (live, tickets still available!) – MEHR INFOS


PRIVATCLUBLucy loves it!

It’s not so often Australia does hip hop. For some reason it seems to be a bunch of trombones, or reggae vibes with some vile Australiana tripe over the top. And then there is REMI.  Like all good things, our mate REMI comes to us from Melbourne, is 22 and playing Berlin – Tuesday. Tickets are available at the door, they probably aren’t expensive – so, actually there is no excuse not to flavour your evening Australia.


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