What’s Up Weekend? 27 November – 3 December 2014


What’s Up this Weekend is that Saturday is completely bananas – from a Ploughman’s lunch to Arena and ://about blank, and back again (see below for free tickets!) -, Christmas markets have opened their doors and there are two Australian acts for the price of one TONIGHT. The silly season is upon us – embrace that escalation vibe.

Below are some of the events we are recommending for the week ahead in Berlin. Each of them is either highlighted with a:

Bron loves it! – more electronic, than not.
Lucy loves it! – more indie boy band/ pop vibes/ not techno.
Everyone loves it! – 2.5 words: shit’s ACE.

***DISCLAIMER: these aren’t the only discos that are going on – they are just the ones that stand out.


WEIHNACHTSMARKTS OPEN – Everybody loves it!

Just when we’d finally stopped signing off dates with .2013, this year is nearly over and with the last month in the calendar comes Germany in it’s finest hour – CHRISTMAS MARKET SEASON. More than ever, Berlin is taking the Weihnachtsmarkt to a whole new level this year. And we”ll be summing up our favourites on das Blog, shortly, promise. In the meantime, check out this incredible map put together by An Amazing Earth magazine and let your nose guide you by the waft of sweet spices, baked goods and juicy wurst.


LIDOEverybody loves it!

Did you catch our post about this one yesterday? Australian feel-good electronic lords, Flight Facilities, and the band with the best hair on that giant isle, Client Liaison, are taking to Berlin and even if you missed our ticket giveaway (tut mir leid :( ) you’re invited! Doors at 21:00, drinks at the bar, good  Australian vibes ÜBERALL.



ARENA CLUBBron loves it!

There are zwei sehr gut reasons to head to the border of Kreuzberg and Treptower Park this wochenende, and it all kicks Freitag with the launch of new party, Travel. Curated by the Arena team, the first edition of the ongoing series will feature a line-up of overseas-bred, locally based names all worth getting to know (if you don’t already), including Hinode (live) (Science Fiction), John Osborn (Tanstaafl)Paolo Di Nola (Homopatik) and Claire Morgan (Haul). It should all be pretty vibey, and an ideal way to start your weekend. Warm up with a mix from John Osborn over here.


Also worth checking out: 

PRINCE CHARLES – Toys #10 with Xxxy, Locked Groove & Avalon Emerson – MEHR INFOS

://ABOUT BLANK – White Tiles vs Geradehaus with Anton Zap, Jeremy Underground Paris & Johanna Knutsson – MEHR INFOS

ACUD MACHT NEU – Shameless/Limitless: Golden Donna, N1L, SFTSTPS – MEHR INFOS


ARENA CLUBBron loves it!

On an impressive roll of late, we’ll be back at Arena this Samstag for one pretty special abend, simply named Detroit. Presented by local party crew/agency AWAY, we predict all sorts of good times on this Spree-side dancefloor with three incredible artists from the motor city – Moodymann, Derrick May and Kenny Larkin. It’s kind of bananas, and their blend of house and techno with plenty of soul should keep us buzzing for weeks. On top of this mighty trio, the second floor (Glashaus) will also be open and a whole host of locals will be involved, including GummiHz (Transmat) and Christian Vance (Art of Vengeance), as well as the AWAY crew of Discrete Circuit, Lutz Markwirth, Thierry Glove and The Dudes. Bonus extra – visuals by Martin Stebbing and Ian Clemmer of Double You. It’s about as Saturday night as things get – and one for your dancing shoes. 



Thanks to the lovely AWAY team we have 1 x 2 guest list spots to giveaway. FOR REAL LEUTE! Kenny, Kenny and Derrick for frei – it doesn’t get much better than that! To win:

  1. head to the Lucy vs. the Globe facebook page.
  2. fill in your details.
  3. check your email on Saturday!….You have until Samstag, 14:00 to enter.


://ABOUT BLANK – Bron loves it!

Meanwhile, those party making feelings are equally delicious a few kms north east at the immer gut ://about blank with the launch of new night, Oscillate. With some of the more impressive flyers we’ve seen of late (brown paper,  simply stamped, coasters – kudos to whoever is doing the graphics here), their carefully curated house and techno line-up is even schöner – and features Benjamin Damage (50WEAPONS), Kate Miller (Figure Third), Lawrence (Dial), Milton Bradley (Do Not Resist The Beat!), Moon Wheel *live (Not Not Fun), Parasol (Figure Third), Reznik (keinemusik) and a secret act from Smallville. Ganz lecker, and pretty impressive for their first affair. To get into das mood pre-party, head over to beatrausch where you can read an interview with Lawrence or wrap your ears around podcasts with Reznik and Kate Miller. Kicking off at midnight, entry is €12 at the door, €10 in advance (via RA), frei if you find one of these sweet little coasters with a repdigit, or if you’re really lucky:


Oh yeahhh! Thanks to the super nett Oscillate crew we have 1 x 2 guest list spots to giveaway. Kein ding, bitte schön. To win, follow the same einfach step as above:

  1. head to the Lucy vs. the Globe facebook page.
  2. fill in your details.
  3. check your email on Saturday!…You have until Samstag, 17:00 to enter.



AGORA – Everybody loves it!

Forgot to re-fuel amongst all that party zeit? Keine sorgen – our friends from Pieoneers have you covered with a special Samstag offering sure to hit all sorts of spots. It’s likely you’re already familiar with this pastry-baking UK-bred duo, however to recap – Pieoneers make pies (and scotch eggs), of the buttery-melt-in-your mouth savoury English variety. They’re fucking lecker, and this weekend their expanding the goodness with a Ploughman’s Lunch at Agora. For all the non-Brits, a Ploughman’s “is a traditional English cold meal consisting of cheeses, cold meats, chutneys, apple and bread. Extra additions often include boiled eggs, pickled onions and it is most often consumed as a midday snack”.  Pieoneers interpretation will also include their scotch eggs. Dankeee schön. Kicking off at 11:00 and running through to 16:00, this deliciousness will only set you back 8 euros, or 10 with a pint of ale. Germany, you’re in for some Britisch education.


Also worth checking out:

PRINCE CHARLES – 3rd Anniversary w/ Studio Barnhus – MEHR INFOS

STATTBAD – Get Physical x Stattbad Moritz von Oswald, Francesco Tristano (live) – MEHR INFOS


OHM – Pueblo XV: The Cup Runneth Over – MEHR INFOS

MONARCH – Sunday Funday w/ TOPS, Feelings – MEHR INFOS

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