What’s Up Weekend? 23 – 29 July 2015


Gott this Sommer is just the best. Too many festivals, lakes, a really decent amount of really decent weather, more and more killer food events and all the bloody vibes via clubs and an increasing number of al fresco dancefloors. This all continues this weekend and into next week, with Thai, Techno, Dubstep, Techno, Techno and afro funk laden disco feel good next week at Neukölln’s best rooftop bar. This. is. living.

Below are some of the events we are recommending for the week ahead in Berlin. Each of them are either highlighted with a:

Bron loves it! – more electronic, than not.
Lucy loves it! – more pop vibes/ not techno.
Everyone loves it! – 2.5 words: shit’s ACE and/or edible.



FLUX BAUEverybody loves it!

Like your Fridays delicious on both the taste and sound side of things? Look no further than the Summer edition of Thai & Techno, where we’re promised two of the finer things in life – spice-laden mouth glory from Asia’s South-East and well, electronic tuneage as we know and love it. Brought to us by the Leute at OPAL, this third edition will see more of their winning recipe, with the menu including Holy Basil Beef Stir-fry, Thai-style BBQ Pork Rolls, Pad Thai Rolls, BBQ and cocktails from Holz-Kohlen, and techno from residents + guests. Entry is a next to nothing at 3€ before 11pm and 5€ after. This has after-work awesome written all over it.


Also worth checking out: 

PANORAMA BAR – Smallville – 10 Years – MEHR INFOS



KIEKEBUSCHBron loves it! – **EDIT: Location change – now at CHESTERS, starting at 20:00. Same line-up, same killer Killasan, more intimate vibe. 

The only party I’ve ever been to where the crowd worships the sound system before the DJ, Wax Treatment returns with another of their open airs this Sat and with an already more than impressive series behind them, this one might just be their best yet. We’re talking DIGITAL MYSTIKZ ON THE KILLASAN. I kid you not, this shit is reaalll. Bringing dubstep pioneers Mala and Coki to middle-of-nowhere Brandenburg farmland on the ganz rare Killasan Soundsystem, this has the potential to be one of the best days out this Berlin summer with a combination of perfect dubby sound, lakeside setting, nature, a chilled crowd and adventure if you want it – alongside shuttle options, getting to Kiekebusch is also a short cycle from the nearest s-bahn or long but schön cycle from Berlin (note: this took us 3 hours with multiple Sekt stops, but a whole lot of fun). One of Berlin’s best parties before they throw madness like Mala in, your Saturday activity couldn’t come more highly recommended. Entry at the door, map your journey in advance and bring enough €€€ – you’re well beyond the ring here.


://ABOUT BLANK Bron loves it!

You’ll find more of those epic night-day-night, inside/outside dancefloor marathon feelings this Sat/Sund – with a combined effort from Tanzmichmal and White Tiles at ://about blank. Already a winner location-wise with the best club garden in Berlin, musically we’re also in for a treat with a line-up that includes Juju & Jordash (Dekmantel), Huerco S. (Opal Tapes), Lando (Myth Music), eli verveine (Tardis), Johannes Albert (Frank Music), Norman Methner (Random Faktor), Ron Wilson (Tanzmichmal), Baron Castle (White Tiles) and bloody loads more. Kicking off at midnight Sat and dancing almost through to Monday we’re both excited and in for the long haul. Vibes – incoming.


Also worth checking out:

TRESOR – Secretsundaze: Skudge, Eric Cloutier,  James Priestley, Giles Smith – MEHR INFOS
BERGHAIN/PANORAMA BAR – Xosar (live), Tama Sumo, Steffi, Honey Dijon, Virginia – MEHR INFOS
SALON ZUR WILDEN RENATE – Paradisco with Tornado Wallace, Andy Hart, Otologic – MEHR INFOS



ELSEBron loves it!

Dragging the techno massive into the daylight for one special day, this Sonntag ELSE will play host to one hell of an open air by way of the 10 year anniversary of Berlin’s, Kinetic Am. Celebrating a decade of looking after some of the finer names in techno, their line-up is predictably wild and will feature  – deep breath – Ancient Methods, Alan FitzpatrickCari LekebuschDasha RushDVS1, James Ruskin, Joel Mull, Karenn, Len Faki, Sigha, Shifted and more, with visuals by Heleen Blanken. THE FUCK. Kicking off at midday, and running well into Mond, we’re promised a special dj set, exclusively prepared for this party from each artist, food, fresh air and a prime techno-loving crowd. Our tip: get there not long after it opens around 12:00 – this will be ridiculously popular.


URBAN SPREE – Shameless/Limitless: Foxtrott, Antoine93, Why Alex, Why – MEHR INFOS
RUMMELSBURG – Watergate Open Air w/ Pan-Pot​, Soul Clap, Wolf + Lambo, Sebo K​ – MEHR INFOS




Everyone’s favourite bar on top of a shopping mall goes off in a blaze of afro funk, disco and the Talking Heads back catalogue this Mittwoch from 18:00 until they kick us out. With a package deal that includes one of the best views of the city soundtracked by Döner Summer & Fela Cutie (the duo promising said feel good tunes), delicious drinks, and totally billig entry at a mere three euros, this is your pick of the mid-week.


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