What’s Up Weekend? 20 – 26 August 2015


The heat wave may have eased but the musical offering is still SO VERY HEISS with Berlin Atonal in full swing,  choose your own adventure vibes at Griessmuehle via Zerberus and fresh (so fresh) Swedish pop at Urban Spree next week via Die Neuen Schweden – for which we have a cheeky little vinyl giveaway!

Below are some of the events we are recommending for the week ahead in Berlin. Each of them is either highlighted with a:

Bron loves it! – more electronic, than not.
Lucy loves it! – more indie boy band/ pop vibes/ not techno.
Everyone loves it! – 2.5 words: shit’s ACE and/or edible.



So, we admittedly slept on previewing this one as things kicked off on Wed, HOWEVER it’s not too late to check out this wonderful program, nab a ticket and make your way down to Köpenickerstrasse to experience one of Berlin’s better musical experiences and one hell of a performance space.

Focussing on experimental live electronic music, Berlin Atonal first ran throughout the 80s in West Berlin and wound up in 1990, before being resurrected in 2013. And what a resurrection it is: this modern incarnation takes place in the main hall of Berliner Kraftwerk, a behemoth former power-plant which also happens to be home to Tresor and OHM. As with every year, the whole program has the potential to be something special, with sets mostly centred live performances and/or special A/V shows, and highlights in these remaining three days include Outside the Dream Syndicate – the collaboration between avant-garde icon Tony Conrad and German krautrock band Faust (in their first live show in over 20 years) -, Nine Inch Nails memberAlessandro Cortini’s live audio-visual project ‘Sonno’, Ugandan Methods (Regis + Ancient Methods), Shackleton presents Powerplant, Samuel Kerridge presents Fatal Light Attraction, and loads more. There are also after parties in Tresor. It’s a good one.



GRIESSMUEHLEBron loves it!

A couple of weekends back we finally made it to Griessmuehle and damn is that place a fun time. A proper choose your own adventure club, in the realm of ://about blank or Sisyphos, and with a non-stop Fri – Sund agenda, this is one prime location for extended summer sessions where night/day/night are a blur and carefree feels are a high. This weekend – it’s again well worth heading (just) #outsidethering where local house-focussed night Zerberus makes it’s debut on the Silos floor. This round, they’ll be hosting Barbara Preisinger, Daniel Paul, and Honesty, alongside they’re own Rufus. It should all be pretty feel-good vibes, and if the tunes aren’t your thing, there’s also a huge garden/big kids playground to go exploring in for hours and hours.


Also worth checking out:

SCHWUZ – HOT TOPIC X Shameless/Limitless W/ DJs Asbjørn, Anastazja Filipovna & Olgazm – MEHR INFOS


STORKOW – alínæ lumr Festival 2015 – MEHR INFOS
://ABOUT BLANK – Homopatik Milky Way – MEHR INFOS


WATERGATE – Nachtclub w/ John Talabot – MEHR INFOS
BERGHAIN – Alex.Do, FJAAK, Konstantin, Blind Observatory – MEHR INFOS


ELSE – All Day I Dream of Berlin with Lee Burridge, Matthew Dekay – MEHR INFOS
YAAM – Block Part Vol. 2 – MEHR INFOS
MAYBACHUFER 48 – Brother Open Air – MEHR INFOS



URBAN SPREEEverybody loves it! (It’s Swedish)

 With a love of anything with even a hint of Scandinavia, Die Neuen Schweden had us interested from the subject line – and the body is worth getting excited about too. Running alongside POP-KULTUR (more on that next week), this collaboration sees Nordic by Nature join forces with SENSUS (Swedish institution for engaging young musicians), to invite 3 upcoming Swedish bands to Berlin for 3 days of getting to know the scene here in the Haupstadt and culminating in a gig at Urban Spree. The lucky (for us and them) three acts this round are Taxi Taxi, Delorian and Tiny Union – all worth getting to know with their delicious pop vibes next Wednesday eve. Kicking off at 20:00, your bonus extra here is that this will be FREE / kostenlos / gratis, so there really isn’t any reason not to come. Also, I repeat, Swedish pop vibes.


Thanks to the lovely crew at Nordic by Nature, to get into das Neuen Schweden Mood, we have a copy of Taxi Taxi’s Floating Forever EP on vinyl to give away. Bitte bitte schön. To win:

To win:

1. Flick this post a like (you can do this up the top or bottom – options!)
2. email win@lucyvstheglobe.com with Die Neuen Schweden in the subject line by Dienstag 17:00.

You’ll also need to be based in Berlin (sorry!). 


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