What’s Up Weekend? 2 – 8 October 2014


Long weekends you’ll be happy to have stuck around Berlin for? THIS ONE. We admittedly think most weekends here can get pretty bananas, however this is ridiculous. Kicking off tonight with German Unity Day Eve, where you’ve got far too many amazing parties spanning all sorts of musical directions to chose from. Get your dancing shoes on Leute, this is going to be one hell of a wochenende. X

Below are some of the events we are recommending for the week ahead in Berlin. Each of them is either highlighted with a:

Bron loves it! – more electronic, than not.
Lucy loves it! – more indie boy band/ pop vibes/ not techno.
Everyone loves it! – 2.5 words: shit’s ACE

***DISCLAIMER: these aren’t the only discos that are going on – they are just the ones that stand out.


PRINCE CHARLES – Bron loves it!

Traditionally one of the best nights of the year in Berlin’s clubbing calendar, this Tag der Deutschen Einheit eve is no different, with so many killer parties on we could just about burst. Amongst all sorts of goodness, we’re particularly excited about the return of JAW to Prince Charles – this time featuring the pretty incredible trio of Floating Points, Sadar Bahar and Andrew Ashong. No really – all three, same club, same night. Stop it! Musically we can probally expect a soundtrack of finest house, disco, soul and whatever else they have in their bags, vibe wise you can safely assume – lots of dancing. The night will also include a record fair and soulfood, and will kick off early at 21:00. Our tip – get their early, this will be a popular one.


Also worth checking out:

BERGHAIN / PANORAMA BAR – Laurent Garnier, Wesley Matsell (live), Revolting w/ nd_baumecker, Felix Dickinson (Berghain) – MEHR INFOS

SCHWUZ – Boyola #9: Prosumer, Daniel Wang, Alternegro – MEHR INFOS

URBAN SPREE – Steam w/ Vali NME Click, Survey, Mernywernz, Liz Genesis – MEHR INFOS

OHMAbyssal with Djrum – MEHR INFOS

STATTBAD – Smallville x Odd Fantastic – MEHR INFOS

://ABOUT BLANK – Deep Fried 24 with Jovonn, Arnaldo, Spunky & Wittes – MEHR INFOS



Good god this one’s going to get rowdy. Stepping into the space that may have formerly been filled by Berlin’s Sub:Stance parties, CTM are throwing bass-heavy offering our way this Freitag abend in Berghain – and it’s nothing short of bonkers. Celebrating the release of his nuts new album, Angels & Devils, we’ll be able to catch The Bug (live), joined by a number of artists who feature, Flowdan, Miss Red and Manga. Which would be reason enough to head here alone, but wait – MALA. Mala playing on Berghain’s soundsystem? Yes please. The madness is rounded out with Shapednoise (live), Young Echo affiliate Kahn and Opium Hum. Meanwhile upstairs Perlon do their monthly thang with Get Perlonized this round featuring Zip, Sammy Dee, Fumiya Tanaka & Margaret Dygas. Two parties for the price of one – they’re too good to you.


NORMAL BARBron loves it!

Things I like: rave caves, references to anything Scandinavian, house party feelings.  This Fri – my stars might just have aligned thanks to the debut of Brus – a night with a Scandinavian name, in a small club (that we’re told resembles a cave), complete with a Funktion One soundsystem (there’s the rave part), with free entry all night and tunes c/o Brus’ residents Danny Steel & Nic Baird, and their friend of the fam Rupes. Musically we’re not sure what to expect, but we’re predicting house, techno and anything else delicious in their bags. Once again – it looks like a cave. See you there.


Also worth checking out:

SCHWUZ – 100. London Calling vs. Expatriarch Generations w/ Peaches, Ellen Allien, Aerea Negrot – MEHR INFOS 

KANTINE AM BERGHAIN – Hundred Waters (live) – MEHR INFOS

TRESOR – Tresor Records Birthday Part I w/ Moritz von Oswald – MEHR INFOS


FARBFERNSEHER – Bron loves it!

More intimate vibes, and we predict even more sweat at this one with the return of Teleport to our favourite mini dancefloor in Berlin. Hosted by Leisure System‘s N>E>D, this edition sees him joined by Heka Trax’s leading femme Nightwave. Not acquainted with this Glaswegian’s producers awesome, frantic thang? Get all over this recent mix here. If that wasn’t enough, the evening will be opened and closed with Gonsher and Duncan (respectively), with Duncan telling us we can expect “hunners of acid”. This sounds wild. We’re in.


Also worth checking out:

PRINCE CHARLES  – Gereadehaus pres. Taloboman (Axel Boman & John Talabot) – MEHR INFOS

BERGHAIN / PANORAMA BAR – Karenn (live), Kowton, Harri & Domenic, Peverlist, Steffi, Joe –  MEHR INFOS

CHALET – Clubnight with Maayan Nidam & Quarion – MEHR INFOS

OHM – L.A.X. presents Golden Pudel Club x Sued x White Material – MEHR INFOS

GRETCHEN – 3 Years Gretchen Feat. Goldie, DJ Storm, N’dee – MEHR INFOS


HUMBOLDTHAIN CLUB – Intimate Sessions with DJ Jus Ed  – MEHR INFOS

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