What’s Up Weekend? 18 – 24 September 2014


Themes – love them. This week on Berlin’s party calendar it’s “flavours of the world”, from an Aussie BBQ on Sunday to the launch of Ja Ja Ja – purveyors of all fine thangs from the Nordics – on Wed. In between, there’s a good old-fashioned 50hour+ party at Renate (we’re labelling this one Deutsch) and UK feelings c/o Hessle Audio at Stattbad. International Party Kisses XX

Below are some of the events we are recommending for the week ahead in Berlin. Each of them is either highlighted with a:

Bron loves it! – more electronic, than not.
Lucy loves it! – more indie boy band/ pop vibes/ not techno.
Everyone loves it! – 2.5 words: shit’s ACE

***DISCLAIMER: these aren’t the only discos that are going on – they are just the ones that stand out.



Well this is about as large as things get – Renate are turning 7 and are celebrating the milestone with a non-stop party from Freitag right through until Montag morgen. Practice that sick note now. Our club of choice for chaotic, house party vibes, the Friedrichshain stalwart will be celebrating with a host of friends and fam, as per usual leaning towards the housier side of things, including Axel Boman, Lord Of The Isles, C.P.I. aka Marc Piñol & Capablanca, dOP – (dj set), Dreems, Analogue CopsAquarius Heaven (live) and bucketloads more. Only head to Renate on special occasions? Grab a crew and make this the one – we predict that this will be a lot of fun.


Also worth checking out:

IPSE – Jack Off w/ Borai, Freestyle Man, Joel Alter, Elie Eidelmann – MEHR INFOS

STATTBAD – Underground Quality – 10 Years w/ Jus-Ed, Dana Ruh, Aybee – MEHR INFOS

PANORAMA BAR – L.I.E.S. Entering B.E.R.L.I.N w/ Ron Morelli, Traxx, Marcos Cabral – MEHR INFOS

://ABOUT BLANK (until SUND) – Homopatik – MEHR INFOS


STATTBAD – Bron loves it!

Great things are going down at Stattbad this Samstag abend with a club-wide takeover from Hessle Audio, who are in the midst of a eight date label tour around Europe. The crew behind the London-based label – Ben UFO, Pearson Sound & Pangaea – are reason alone to head north to Wedding, however for more genre-hopping, whomping goodness you’ll also be able to catch recent PAN-signing Beneath, Ondo Fudd (aka Call Super), Berlin-based New Yorker Adam X, Italian friend of the fam Marco Shuttle and one more secret Hessle guest. Missing those ideal UK sounds? This is your fix.


Also worth checking out:

SÜDBLOCK – Creamcake w/ Hannah Diamond (live), A.G. Cook, Slugabed – MEHR INFOS

OHM – Version w/ Loefah, Benny III, Hops, Orson – MEHR INFOS


FLUX BAUEverybody loves it!

If you’ve been following the site lately, you may have noticed all sorts of Australian flavours being thrown your way in the lead up to Reeperbahn Festival. They’re running with a bit of a Aussie theme this year, culminating in The Aussie BBQ – a touring showcase featuring up and coming Australian artists (recap/get acquainted over here). Not joining Lucy on the weg to Hamburg? Kein ding, as this smorgasbord, of music makers that may or may not refer to you as “mate”, is also making it’s way to the Hauptstadt – and you’re invited! Featuring 10 artists across 8 hours, this ideal Sonntag activity will see the likes of Me, Sophie Hanlon, Phia, Bored Nothing, Jackson Dyer, The Ray Mann Three and more providing all sorts of genre-hopping ear treats throughout your afternoon/evening. We think this sounds like a great way to check out music originating from our heimat, and if you’re still not convinced – you’ll also find an actual BBQ – cooked by Melbourne Canteen -, wines from Grant Burge and beer from Little Creatures available on the Tag. Tickets are available via the event page. OR (!):


Thanks to Sounds Australia – the team behind The Aussie BBQ and all sorts of other Australian music o/s initiatives – we have 2 x 2 tickets to give away. Yeah! To win:

1. Flick this post a like (in that little social bar up top or down below)
2. Email win@lucyvstheglobe.com with the subject BBQ. You have until Saturday 17:00 to enter.

Get someeee.


Also worth checking out:

KIEKEBUSCH – Wax Treatment Open Air – MEHR INFOS



If other nordic events in Berlin are anything to go by the DE can’t get enough of music from our northern neighbours. And good news für alle – there’s even more coming our way thanks to the arrival in Berlin of longstanding London club-night & website on all things Nordic, Ja Ja Ja. Hej! For the last five years Ja Ja Ja have been bringing artists from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden to London and in 2013 even launched a festival (which for any London-based friends is returning this November).

Berlin can look forward to getting acquainted with this much-loved night via parties on the second Thursday of every month, kicking off on October 9th with an Opening Party at FluxBau featuring Naomi Pilgrim, Alfred Hall and Blaue Blume (tickets avail. in advance on their event page). Before all of that – get all over their Launch Party, happening THIS Wednesday, as part of Play Nordic – a festival celebrating all things, well, Nordic that has been running since July. The night will include live performances from Soléy and Sin Fang, with DJ sets from Molly Nilsson, Sandra Kolstad b2b Asbjørn and Jaakko Eino Kalevi b2b Obi Blanche. On top of all this, a handful of food stands will be serving edible delights, the crowd will probably be ridiculously good-looking AND you’ll also get the chance to party in in the official gov’t embassy repping all of these lands. It’s all too good to be true! – which is almost correct with registration for the launch party now full, however:


Thanks to Ja Ja Ja and friends, we’ve got 1×2 tickets to giveaway! This is your last chance (probably) to get in and all over the finest flavours from the northern regions. To win:

1. Flick this post a like
2. Email win@lucyvstheglobe.com before Tuesday 19:00 with the subject Ja Ja Ja Launch.

Too einfach!


Also worth checking out:

COMET CLUB – John Steel Singers – MEHR INFOS

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