What’s Up Weekend? 11 – 17 December 2014


As we move balls deep into Weihnachten, Berlin’s party calendar goes into overdrive and this week you’ll find us tapping into everything from Scandi pop vibes via Ja Ja Ja tonight, a bloody Mary competition Friday (really!), a cheeky Monday night gig from rising femme Rainy Milo and – well, the 10th birthday part of Berlin’s most significant (clubbing) landmark, Berghain.

There’s bananas, and then there’s bananas. See you on a tanzflur. X

Below are some of the events we are recommending for the week ahead in Berlin. Each of them is either highlighted with a:

Bron loves it! – more electronic, than not.
Lucy loves it! – more indie boy band/ pop vibes/ not techno.
Everyone loves it! – 2.5 words: shit’s ACE.

***DISCLAIMER: these aren’t the only discos that are going on – they are just the ones that stand out.


FLUX BAUEverybody loves it!

Our new favourite nacht from the better looking regions of the world returns this abend, and unfortunately if you haven’t nabbed a ticket or won our comp, chances are slim that you’ll be able to attend this one. Sorry, tut mir leid, but you’ve gotta be more on the ball here! To give you an idea of what the ticketed are in for – Ja Ja Ja Berlin is zurück and this third round might just be their best yet with totally dreamy electronic flavours from Denmark’s Sekuoia (who we recently interviewed over here), pure nordic pop from Norway’s Truls and Scandi hip hop from fellow Norwegian Noah Kin. It’s about as ideal as Scandinavian smorgasboards get, and if you missed out this time,  watch this space for the Januar edition and/or sign up for their free membership and get discounted tickets in advance. Hallo, bitte schön.


Also worth checking out:

CHALET – White Tiles 2nd Birthday – Part 1 (Part 2 Fri) – MEHR INFOS 


OUR/BERLINEverybody loves it (It’s a vodka competition!)

Putting the bloody into Christmas (wait, what?), this Freitag get down to the Our/Berlin vodka distillery for one hell of a Weihnachtswettbewerb involving mixing, drinking and possibly more spice than most Germans can handle. Hit me. The concept is relatively einfach – a handful of contestants concoct their spin on the Bloody Mary (using Our/Berlin’s finest wodka, natürlich) and a panel of judges taste and award a winner. We think there might also be a people’s choice to further spread the love/cocktails. Yes please. We’re particularly excited as your mate Lucy will be representing the blog, and without giving too much away, she has a few left of centre surprises up her sleeve (hint – extras). The night will kick off at 19:00, and will go until the tomato juice is leer. We’ll be there, come support team LVTG and/or say hallöchen.


ARENABron loves it!

Just around the corner (and a few hours später), Arena continues it’s winning streak which perhaps isn’t such a streak after all. Hallo, guten tag, we might just have a new regular haunt. Tonight – it’s the second edition of Tough Love, a party from the team (one man-team) behind Tanzmichmal, and for a neue series, they’re off to a pretty great start. Keeping it classy, this round sees Call Super (Houndstooth), Ngly (L.I.E.S./Russian Torrent Versions) performing live and fellow L.I.E.S regular Gunnar Haslam all take to Arena’s cosy floor. It’s a pretty finely selected offering in a mostly techno direction and one we’d recommend checking out Freitag. Fancy a warm-up? Hit Call Super’s Boiler Room recording here.


Also worth checking out:

STATTBAD – R&S Records – A/V Edition w/ Lone, Lakker, Paula Temple – MEHR INFOS



About as big as it gets, this weekend sees the Geburtstagsfeiers to end all Geburtstagsfeiers with the 10th Birthday of the place at the centre of electronic music in Berlin and surely one of the world’s most adored/desired clubs. It’s hard to imagine what Berlin leben would be like without Berghain (across my past three years I can’t even begin to count how many special music moments were had here) and their 10 Jahre line-up is a suitably nuts celebration featuring  Ben Klock, Ben UFO Blawan, DVS1, Gerd Janson, Joy Orbison, Marcel Dettmann, Marcel Fengler, nd_baumecker, Shed LIVE, DJ Skull, Steffi and loads loads more (head here for the 25+ names). The place will be heaving, the line will of course be long, the music will be as excellent as it gets, the djs will be in party mode and when questioning if you should take Monday off, ask yourself, what would Scooter do?


Also worth checking out: 

HALLESCHES HAUS – Holiday Design Market – MEHR INFOS

STATTBAD – Floating Points, Matias Aguayo, Kangding Ray, Pariah – MEHR INFOS 

HOPPETOSSE – Return w/ Zip, Binh, Evan Baggs, The Mole – MEHR INFOS

OHM – Version w/ Shackleton, Orson, Hops – MEHR INFOS

://ABOUT BLANK – Steam Machine w/ Intergalactic Gary, Christain S, ZK Bucket – MEHR INFOS



You’re recovering from the weekend and not keen on kicking the habit cold turkey? NEITHER ! Thank god for Rainy Milo. Fun fact – the old girl is 18. Which kills me as she sounds like a jazz hip hop fusion queen with years on her. Fuck the youth today, seriously. I (Lucy) am super excited for this one, as it feels like the perfect mood to roll you into the festive season. A bit of smokey jazz sounds, a warm fire pit at the Berghain Kantine – PERFECTION ! In the spirit of giving we have tickets for you – REALLY. What’s the skinny? I will tell you..


Thanks to the lovely team over at Konzertbüro Schoneberg we have 3 x 2 guest list spots to raffle off.  To win:

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  2. fill in your details.
  3. check your email on Saturday!….You have until Samstag, 14:00 to enter.


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