I have asked my mate Bron to give us a round-up of what’s going on in Berlin each week. Allowing us all to machen die Party. I’m not very techno-techno-techno – but Berlin is, and so is your mate Bron. Each event is either highlighted with a:

Bron loves it! – more electronic, than not.
Lucy loves it! – more indie boy band/ pop vibes/ not techno.
Everyone loves it! – 2.5 words: shit’s ACE.

We have moved What’s Up Weekend to Thursday, Friday (Christmas happened, we’re behind) as all this weekend disco really puts us on the back foot for a Wednesday deadline. So here are your go-to’s for the week ahead.

**DISCLAIMER: these aren’t the only discos that are going on – they are just the ones that stand out.

What uppppp, it’s mother farking Silvester! And in stark contrast to last week’s light offering, there’s so much on we’re almost lost for words. Almost.

Celebrating your first Berlin NYE? Our tip is to avoid walking the streets of Neukölln, Kreuzberg or Friedrichshain from nightfall onwards. Unless you’re looking for some serious kicks, flying rockets and fireworks are petrifying. Watch this or this for a taster, then choose your own adventure. We’ll be watching the show from the inside.


PANORAMA BAR – Bron loves it!

It’s a Frankfurter firecracker this eve with powerhouse, Robert Johnson, in town for their label night at Pbar. Along for the ride are usual suspects and label/club residents Roman Flügel, Portable (live), Oliver Hafenbauer and Benedikt Frey, and they’ll also be joined by local, Efdemin. I’m yet to dance to his label-mates however Herr Flügel is always a solid choice, if you’re not saving yourself for New Year’s I’d pick this one.



ARENA – Bron loves it!

Local techno at it’s finest – Berlin party makers Dystopian and Grounded Theory join forces this eve to bring you a pretty ideal offering in the small but great Arena Club. Keeping the party going until midday will be Vril LIVE (giegling), Milton Bradley (grounded theory), Rødhåd (dystopian), Moerbeck (grounded theory), Felix K (dystopian). All signs point to this being killer – and popular. Dystopian parties alone get very crowded, get their early.


CHESTERS – Bron loves it!

Looking for something a little less techno-techno? Odd Fantastic and Smallville’s Smalljam at Görli nachbarn Chesters is your ticket. Leaning on the deeper side of house, the night will be lead by label heads Smallpeople (Julius Steinhoff & Dionne) and joined by Christopher Rau (Smallville, Derive) and Moomin (Smallville, Closer). This should be cosy and delicious.



WATERGATE – Bron loves it!

Take a Pause from setting off feuerwerke and rockets which would have now hit the shops and head to Watergate, where a Life and Death Nacht will be kickstarting the Silvester vibe. Life and Death main man DJ Tennis will be joined by label mates Tale Of Us, Clockwork, Ten Walls (live), Mind Against and Vaal with Numbers’ Jackmaster and local Thomalla rounding out the bill. With 5 Italians, 1 Glaswegian and some eclectic music taste amongst them this should be a ruckus – in a really really good way.




A wild house party on any standard club night, Renate will surely be one of the best locations to see in the neues Jahres with a never-ending line-up and a never-ending party (this one runs until Thursday). Silvester specials include ‘Glitter show girls’, ‘Pillow Fight’ (can’t tell if this is BYO), ‘Make-up/Styling Loge’ (?), a ‘Charleston Marathon’ and loads of wacky more. Selectors for the 3 dayer include Der Dritte Raum (live), Tevo Howard, Permanent Vacation, diskJokke, Sebastian Voigt, Peak & SwiftFlorian Schirmacher and bloody viel viel mehr. Leave your inhibitions at ze Tür. Doors at 01:00AM, advance tickets ausverkauft.



This one needs zero introduction. It’s the most popular club in Berlin, in the busiest party period of the year, with an unbeatable line-up of predominantly residents and a few close friends. There will be three floors (Lab.oratory makes up the third) and things should kick on well into Freitag. It’s the stuff dreams are made of. The delicious offering includes Function, Luke Slater, Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann, Ed Davenport, DJ Pete and Marcel Fengler amongst many more on the main floor; Tim Sweeney, Steffi, nd_baumecker, Waze & Odyssey, Ame, Margaret Dygas und ja, mehr mehr upstairs; and Soundstream, Tama Sumo, Virginia, Discodromo und mehr & mehr on the XXX-Floor (Lab). Pre-sale tickets are well and truly ausverkauft, grab a beverage and stick it out in the line. Follow the link for the full line-up.


FABRIK NEUKÖLLN – Bron loves it!

Want to mix things up and steer off the beaten club path? Ja gut, then Silvester at Fabrik Neukölln might be the one. Taking over an old warehouse near S-bahn Sonnenallee, this one offers 5 floors and art installments, with the line-up including Mr. Ties, Tyree Cooper, Channel X, Yannick Robyns, The Analog Roland Orchestra and plenty more from a mostly local offering. Tickets for this abandoned building mayhem are available in advance, doors at 23:00.


CHALET – Bron loves it!

There’s a never ending list of options really, but to round out our top 4 options we’re throwing this mammoth Chalet marathon into the mix, for a couple of reasons. 1) it’s another multi-day affair, which doesn’t necessarily guarantee a great time, but it does take the pressure off. Rock up, wann du willst. 2) The line-up of 30+ is a mostly locally-based affair [Trickski, Snuffo, Max GraefMeggy, Luke Solomon (UK)]-  which means mates of mates and generally friendly, feel-good vibes. 3) Chalet’s not that big, you shouldn’t lose your mates. Unless you find yourself a club boyfriend/girlfriend you’ll want to spend New Year’s with your posse, this isn’t the time to being allein. SOLD. No pre-sales, doors at 23:59.


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