What’s Up Weekend? EASTER SPECIAL 2015


It’s the big one – 4 whole days of long weekend and a good 4.5 nights to let your hair/s down and make the party. For those hanging around Berlin this mini-holiday, there’s a shitload on, Tag & Nacht, and our picks are below.

Each of them is either highlighted with a:

Bron loves it! – more electronic, than not.
Lucy loves it! – more indie boy band/ pop vibes/ not techno.
Everyone loves it! – 2.5 words: shit’s ACE and/or edible.


CHESTERSEverybody loves it!

Our friends at Shameless / Limitless are at it again and this time they’re throwing a little soiree to kickstart your long Wochenende in the vibiest of fashions. After recently making people move at Stattbad, S/L are bringing Vancouver’s Pender Street Steppers back to Berlin and this time to the more intimate Chesters dancefloor. For a taste of what you could be in for from the Mood Hut duo, check out RA’s review over here. Joining them for a night of feeling all the good feelings will be locals Physical Therapy (Allergy Season), Cocktail D’Amore’s Omer  and Criese. Kicking off around 23:00, you’ll find your entry slightly cheaper before 01:00am and being such a cosy venue our tip would be to get there early.


HOPPETOSSEBron loves it!

Another one with a cosier vibe this Feierabend, Hoppetosse – CDVs stationary boat (with a totally schön view down the Spree) – tonight plays host to a Lize Records showcase. Joining the Berlin label’s heads Patrick Poitz and Sebastian Rudolph, musical direction this Donnerstag will be lead by hello?repeat’s Patrick Specke and UK-based Louche resident Bruno Schmidt. We’re always for a label nacht on a small d-floor as the friends of friends (or soon to be friends) vibe is high and our prediction is this one will carry on well into Oster Freitag.


Also worth checking out: 

PANORAMA BAR – Lobster Theremin x Panorama Bar – MEHR INFOS 

OHM – Monkeytown – MEHR INFOS 


PRINCE CHARLES Bron loves it!

If this is anything like it says on the packet, it should be pretty freaking awesome. KOREAN. ROLLER. DISCO. Uh ha. Yep. ALL THOSE THINGS. Kicking off mid-afternoon (it’s a Feiertag after all), Prince Charles will play host to an afternoon and nacht of delicious disco, Korean streetfood and rolling around on classic quad skates, which you can BYO or rent via Rollers Inc. Even if skating’s not your thang, who can’t get around a Korean smorgasboard – featuring  Son Kitchen, Angry Chicken, Fräulein Kimchi, CHILEES and more – and disco hit after disco hit via DJ Kaos, AkirahawksCharlie SmoothMoon&mann and then some. It’s about as feel good as things gets – and sure-fire lols. Our pick of Easter Freitag.


Also worth checking out: 

://ABOUT BLANK – TTT with KM/MM, Ondo Fudd & Beatrice Dillon – MEHR INFOS 

STATTBAD  – Myth Music: Skudge LIVE, Lando, Ateq, Baron Castle – MEHR INFOS


CHALET – Come Together with Aerea Negrot, Lady Blacktronika – MEHR INFOS 


HALLESCHES HAUS – Hallesches Haus Soft Boiled Launch (*not techno, very much edible)MEHR INFOS 

SAMEHEADS – Shameless/Limitless: Apostille, Happy Meals, DJs Molly Nilsson & Better Person – MEHR INFOS


://ABOUT BLANK – Blank Generation w/ Samuli Kemppi live, Helena Hauff, Fabrizio Lapiana, Alienta – MEHR INFOS 

STATTBAD – Stattnacht: Tensnake, Adam Port, Benjamin Damage – MEHR INFOS 

SALON ZUR WILDEN RENATE –  Voyage Voyage /w. Tornado Wallace, Suzanne Kraft, Permanent Vacation – MEHR INFOS


TIME WARP (Mannheim, *not Berlin, but do-able) – Bron loves it!

One not for the faint-hearted (or anti-lazer), Germany’s most successful (and probably largest) mega rave does as it has been doing every Easter for viele viele Jahren and will be sending people completely bananas at Mannheim’s Maimarkthalle – a behemoth of a space otherwise used for exhibitions and fairs. The lure of Time Warp for us is very much in the not-your-standard/ polar-opposite of Berlin vibe – we’re talking 20,000 rowdy ravers, unrivalled production (lights/lazers/thick as fuck smoke machines) and a line-up of veterans regulars who return year after year and probably have even more fun than the crowd. While the entire line-up isn’t quite our cup of Tee, we’ll be getting around Laurent Garnier, Ricardo Villalobos, Dixon, Rodhad, Magda, and well, Papa Sven on home turf should be a tonne of fun. Mannheim is, ja genau, on the other side of Germany however if you’re up for a little adventure this Easter, a last minute ride share return trip to make one hell of a party isn’t such a bad idea. Official tickets for entry from 5am onwards are still available, or scroll there event page for full-ticket re-sells.


Also worth checking out:

BERGHAIN / PANORAMA BAR –  Oster Klubnacht w/ Marcel Fengler, Ben Klock, Inland, The Black Madonna, Jus Ed – MEHR INFOS 

OHM – Work with Emika, Beneath & Lumisokea – MEHR INFOS 

SALON ZUR WILDEN RENATE  – Eierschaukeln /w. Telephones, David Mayer, Paramida – MEHR INFOS 

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