What’s Up Weekend? BerMuDa !


I have asked my mate Bron to give us a round-up of what’s going on in Berlin each week. Allowing us all to machen die Party. I’m not very techno-techno-techno – but Berlin is, and so is your mate Bron. Each event is either highlighted with a:

Bron loves it! – more electronic, than not.
Lucy loves it! – more indie boy band/ pop vibes/ not techno.
Everyone loves it! – 2.5 words: shit’s ACE.

We have moved What’s Up Weekend to Thursday, as all this weekend disco really puts us on the back foot for a Wednesday deadline. So here are your go-to’s for the week ahead.

**DISCLAIMER: these aren’t the only discos that are going on – they are just the ones that stand out.

We live in a city of techno madness on any given day, so throw in a 5 day electronic music festival in, up and around Berlin and shit goes BANANAS. Berlin Music Days (BerMuDa) has arrived and in case you missed it we’re media partners (oh hihi!). We’ve already got into the swing of BerMuDa things with some top tips and words from top Berliners (over here). Now, we give the week the What’s Up Weekend treatment and pull together some daily highlights (with a little space left for a few non-BerMuDa events too).

And if our picks sound like rubbish (possible) – Beatguide have the whole offering covered, go check that out.


POSTBAHNHOF – Bron loves it!

The last time I saw Hercules and Love Affair was in one of Berlin’s giant empty swimming pools and it was totally wild. Sure partying in a pool and free shots on arrival may have sparked the mad vibe, however it was Andy Butler’s party troupe that really took things to next level. They’re kicking off BerMuDa’s night program and  all signs points to this being a  non-stop disco love-in – I’m just about bursting will feel good already. Supported by local act Pool, this is the first of BerMuDa’s concert series.


PRINCE CHARLES – Bron loves it!

Celebrating the release of her new album ‘Blue Distance‘, Austrian Clara Moto will be at Prince Charles this eve. This is your pick if softer, sweeter electronic beats are on your mind – and if they’re not, there’s quite the chance you’ll be won over – her music is pretty divine. She’ll be joined by Douglas Greed, Daniel Brandt (of Brandt Brauer Frick fame) and Cubenx.



Your mates at Beatguide recommended this one, and we’re on board too. Multi-instrumentalist and genre-hopping maestro Sven Weisemann will be making two appearances at BerMuDa and kicks things off tonight with a dj set at this Friedrichshain kneipe. And while yet to see him in the flesh,I’ve been saved many a time by his mixes which are generally of a pretty deep and soothing house and techno vibe. This is your local, more intimate pick for the eve.



POSTBAHNHOF – Everybody loves it!

Back for round 2 of BerMuDa’s concerts, and this time it’s a fave of the DE-states in Jan Blomqvist (with full band) and the fun factory that is Hot Chip (DJ-set). If that’s not quite your flavour, part 2 of the eve might be – with Bloc Party ‘Tapes’ release party kicking off after 11pm. Celebrating the release of their contribution to the !K7 Tapes series, Bloc Party main man Kele Orkereke will be joined by Funkineven (who recently won me over on the RA Boat Party at Dimensions), Matt Didemus (of Junior Boys fame) and your mate, Baron Castle (who gave us his BerMuDa top 5).

MEHR INFOS ON BEATGUIDE – Concert, Tapes Party

RUMMELS PERLE – Everybody loves it!

You’ve read the interview (we hope?!), now catch Hannes Fischer in the flesh at Sailors-Night at Rummerls Perle. If you’re  a Kreuzberg or Neukölln local, this is probably an ideal little Thursday boogie – this venue is on Reichenberger Strasse (why aren’t we here more often?!).


DAS GIFT – Everybody loves it!…. nicht BerMuDa, but also gut.

To really keep you guessing this one isn’t about music – it’s all about pies. Pies, pies, pies. Genuine, filled, buttery pastry morsels of baked joy (all those words – AT ONCE). Head to Das Gift on Thurs for Pieoneers‘ Pie Night. There’s also promise of a pie raffle. Can you imagine winning that?! Come find me amongst the action, ignoring my gluten allergy. Yippeeee.



FLUX BAU – Bron loves it! 

Former Berlin and Panorama Bar resident Prosumer is back in the DE and playing this Hot Plate party at Spree-side haunt Flux Bau. Since winding up his Pbar residency in July last year, we’ve had fewer occasions to catch the former local, so we’re jumping at the chance to get a hit of his delicious house blend this Freitag abend. He’s in fine company with Rotciv, Kleine Reise’s Peter Power (who your mate Chris recommends) and Hot Plate founder John Brady.


RITTER BUTZKE – Bron loves it!

Looking for etwas anderes? This right here might be your ticket. We’re talking jazz, techno-jazz. Detroit’s Kelvin Sholar appears to be quite the multi-everything -pianist, composer, publisher, it goes on. Tonight he’ll be wearing his pianist hat and performing ‘Tech-Jazz’ –  a set of live recreations and improvisations of techno classics. It also sounds very sultry – give into piano.



TRESOR – Bron loves it!

It’s a heavy hitting night that we’re particularly excited about this Sat, and by ‘we’ I mean ‘I’ (Bron), unless I coax Lucy out after a few too many in-house rot weins (possible). The Kopenickerstr. powerhouse tonight hosts one hell of a line-up with Juan AtkinsMarcelus and Manuel Münster  keeping things techno downstairs, and a Clone takeover on the Globus-floor with 2562 / A Made Up SoundAlden TyrellDexter and Serge. If you only make it to Tresor for special occasions, this is probably a very good time to venture out.


COOKIES – Everybody loves it!

You might have cottoned onto the fact that we’re pretty big Kyson fans here at Lucy vs. the Globe. There’s a slight national pride thang going on (old mate is originally from Adelaide) but it’s for sure his sweet sweet sounds that we’re particularly taken with. Having recently released his first full length, The Water’s Way, we saw Jian and bandmates premiere their  live show a month or so ago, and they’ve since gone internet-wide with a Boiler Room performance too. It’s all very impressive and engaging (these are some talented  guys) and dreammyyyy. Samstag – it’s your turn, treat your ears.


RITTER BUTZKE – Bron loves it!

Diynamic – the Hamburg-based house label led by Solomun – have thrown a number of mega showcases this year (festivals, Ibiza, the whole shebang). This round – Berlin. And they’ve invited most of the family along with H.O.S.H, David August, Stimming leading the charge. It’ll be house-y. It’ll be hand-raise-y. It’ll be busy. Tickets are sold out, get there early.



GOLDEN GATE – Bron loves it!

It’s the end of the road, and you’re probably exhausted. I sure as hell will be. But there’s nothing like an after party, right? Moving the after hour affair to Golden Gate this year seems very fitting – this stalwart has been the home of keeping things kicking on for years. And whether you’re approaching this one fresh, or still going from Freitag, if the secret guests are on par with previous BerMuDa after-hours this should be ganz toll. Viel glück with work on Monday.


MONARCH – nicht BerMuDa, also gut… Bron loves it!

Local party-makers Shameless/Limitless have again joined forces with Puschen to bring us the second edition of Sunday Funday at Monarch. This round they’ve invited Dent May along to throw bucketloads of summery retro pop joy our way. Which sounds ridiculously ideal as we enter the darkness that is the Berlin-winter. He’s also touring a new-ish release (Warm Blanket) and will be supported by Slow Steve. Get all over that. Oh and according to Puschen’s page there will also be “massages, cake, coffee and more treats”. Sold.


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