What’s Up Weekend? 6 – 12 March 2013


Wasssssup weekend?I have asked my mate Bron to give us a round-up of what’s going on in Berlin each week. Allowing us all to machen die Party. I’m not very techno-techno-techno – but Berlin is, and so is your mate Bron. Each event is either highlighted with a:

  1. Bron loves it! – more electronic, than not.
  2. Lucy loves it! – more indie boy band/ pop vibes/ not techno.
  3. Everyone loves it! – 2.5 words: shit’s ACE.

Here are your go-to’s for the week ahead.

**DISCLAIMER: these aren’t the only discos that are going on – they are just the ones that stand out.

If you’re thinking of “taking it easy” this weekend, throw that nonsense out the Fenster – Berlin has gone into overdrive and there’s good reason to be out Wed through to Mond. Make that Party.


MONARCH – Lucy loves it! And is going!

Frida Hynvönen is the act du jour, she is known as an enchanting stage performer and comedienne, a stormy piano player and brilliant lyricist, this one is  a unique voice speaking from a timeless inner place. And she shouldn’t be missed. You are able to RSVP for this gig (IT’S FREE!) up until it’s 9P start time. Simply sign up to the Nordic by Nature newsletter through a swift email to guestlist@nbnberlin.de, and you are golden!


BOILER ROOM – Bron loves it! And is going!

By all accounts Function blew the industrial roof off Berghain last Sonntag for his album release party. If, like me, you missed out on the mayhem, or just like a healthy serving of mid-week techno, tune into the Boiler Room Berlin tonight with the aforementioned maestro and more than classy company: Marc Houle, Adam X and Tommy Four Seven. If attending in person – don’t be shy on antiperspirant, will surely be a sweat box.




Known for really bringing it in the live performance stakes, Brand Brauer Frick (this time sans ensemble), takeover Berghain tonight with their classically-tinged, original sound of non-electronic electronica. Likely to be full of treats from their new album (due this month), this should be an impressive start to making the weekend.



BERGHAIN – Bron loves it!

Regardless of your musical thang, you’ll probably know that Thom Yorke’s Atoms for Peace released their album last week – and tonight in Berghain they’ll be showing that off, kind of. The five-piece supergroup (can we call them that?) won’t be there, but we’ll likely get an album showcase through Thom Yorke and Nigel Godric’s DJ set and what might be the real drawcard, Shed and Anstam are both playing live. Either way, shit will obviously be great, which is why it seems to be sold out. Secret tunnel from Pbar?


PANORAMA BAR – Bron loves it! And is going!

Meanwhile, upstairs the London-based Electric Minds takeover the smaller floor with Move D, Nick Höppner and Jay Shepheard. I know requests aren’t really a thing, but Mr. Shepheard, if you’re reading this, could you please drop that euphoric, utter bliss of a last track from your new album? That’s the stuff moments are made of, right there.


POSTBAHNHOF – Bron loves it, everyone gets nostalgic.

If nostalgia’s more your thing, head over to Postbahnhof for Booka Shade, who are touring their upcoming album and putting on their first live show in Berlin in 3 years. They’ve got a lot of competition to grab your attention this Friday, and chances are if you’ve ever lost your shit to In White Rooms you’ve probably seen them before… whatever the case, their live show has always been impressive and the set will surely stir up some mid-2000s memories.


WEEK END – Bron loves it!

Techno. Detroit techno. Weekend will be heaving tonight c/o Carl Craig and what looks like a lengthy set. As always at Mitte’s club with a view, there’s potential for this to be hell of a touristy affair – in this instance, the music quality should outshine the overwhelmed crowd.




With the sudden and sad closure of Horst last month, Berliners never really had the chance to say goodbye to a club which had provided some of the more interesting bookings over its (nearly) four year life. Enter – tonight’s party. A bill of Horst regulars, and notably Shackleton playing live, this should be fun and if the listing blurb is anything to go by, full of hugs. Embrace it.


POSTFUHRAMT – Bron loves it! And might be going…

Carrying on the farewell theme, one hell of a final fling will be held in Mitte’s Postfuhramt tonight as cultural mecca C/O Berlin says goodbye to it’s home of the last 13 years. Daniel Wang, Massimiliano Pagliara and friends will provide tunes, there will be various screenings and if you’re still on the fence, you also get to run amuck in one mighty impressive building.


STATTBADEveryone loves it! Everyone is going!

A boogie in an empty pool: it’s not such a rarity in Berlin (I’ve danced in more than one drained Schwimmbad), but it’s no less entertaining partying in a space that would send OH&S inspectors in other countries (yo, Commonwealth) into a frenzied panic. This week’s deep end vibes will be provided by Berlin-based party starters Greco-Roman and Boddika, Genius of Time, Roosevelt and Elbee Bad (The Prince of Dance Music).



ROTER SALONEveryone loves it! Lucy is going!

Rhye released one ridiculously divine album this week, and lucky Berlin gets to experience this sultry, dreamy vibe first hand. Whether you pulled up well from the weekend or not, this is you ticket to kick starting the new week feeling good, really good. This appears to be sold out, serenade a scalper for a good deal. I’d try The Fall – it’s foolproof.


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