What’s Up Weekend? 3 – 9 March 2016


What’s Up this Weekend is that things kinda feel like Spring, oder? Like we’ve made it through the worst of this (hopefully) and people’s moods are lifting (finally). Suggestion! Tap into those more positive feels and let loose on one of many recommended dancefloors (below). Bonus extra! It’s International Women’s Day on Tues and there are a selection of nice ways to celebrate, including the first 2016 edition of our fave, Salt + Sass.

Below are some of the events we’re recommending for the weekend ahead. Each of them is either highlighted with a:

Bron loves it! – more electronic, than not.
Lucy loves it! – more indie boy band/ pop vibes/ not techno.
Everyone loves it! – 2.5 words: shit’s ACE and/or edible.


PRINCE CHARLESBron loves it!

A free class on Vogue followed by a nacht of the finest house flavours? We’re listening! Put on by Mona, an 8 year old night that showcases Vogue & Waack balls and offers free dance classes to its crowd at the beginning of each night, this will be the first Berlin-leg of the multi-city spanning source of vibes and the class will be led by Marion Funkyguapa with Mona-founder Nick V on tunes. Following the class, put those moves to practice with a soundtrack provided by Prosumer (Potion / Ostgut Ton), Francis Inferno Orchestra (Voyeurhythm) and Arcarsenal (Bass Cadet Records / UQ). This has to be up there for best ways to kick off your WE. Register in advance for the class, or grab tickets on the door from midnight onwards.


Also worth checking out: 

ARENA CLUB – Dystopian with Woo York, Rødhåd, Johanna Schneider, Ron Albrecht – MEHR INFOS
://ABOUT BLANK – Suburban Benefit with Redshape Live, Kalipo Live – MEHR INFOS 



Now with their pretty vibes third bigger floor open, the Schwarzer Raum, Renate has more going on than ever before and if you haven’t been there in a while this WE could be a great chance to visit that giant house by the Spree, with 5 Years Crime City Disco. Playing their new floor, Eli Verveine (tardis), Johanna Knutsson (klasse, zodiac 44) and Hans Berg (crimce city disco, klasse), while in the Grüner Raum you’ll find Christopher Rau (smallville), Luca Lozano (creme organization, optimo trax) and Tobias Gullberg (crime city disco, renate). Rounding out what is a pretty ideal line-up, in the Roter Raum Gatto Fritto (international feel), Nano Nansen (get deep) and Charlie Smooth (get deep). Vibes vibes vibes.


Also worth checking out:

://ABOUT BLANK – Blank Generation w/ Snts live, Tin Man live, Iron Curtis, Solaris – MEHR INFOS
GRIESSMUEHLE – Samstag mit Cocktail D`amore – MEHR INFOS
BERGHAIN / PANORAMA BAR – Margaret Dygas, Shanti Celeste, Mr. Saturday Night, Gerd Janson – MEHR INFOS



MONARCH – Shameless/Limitless: Plattenbau Tape Release + USA Tour Kick-Off Show W/ Skiing – MEHR INFOS
PRINCE CHARLES – J.A.W with BILL LAURANCE (Snarky Puppy) Aftersun Project LIVE – MEHR INFOS



SOUNDCLOUD HQ – Everybody loves it!

Amongst a number of rad events this International Women’s Day, we’re extra extra excited about the fourth edition of Salt + Sass – an awesome series of events connecting and celebrating kick ass femmes in the music industry in Berlin. A free event which will now be hosted by Electronic Beats, this year’s theme will be  “women who work together”and will involve two women who know each other speak at each event, with this first 2016 edition being a conversation between Melissa Taylor (Tailored Communication) and Avalon Emerson (Icee Hot, shtum, Spring Theory). Taking place at SoundCloud’s sehr sehr nett Berlin HQ the evening will also include food c/o Deliveroo, drinks on SoundCloud and the chance to mingle with a pretty rad group of people. Unfortunately tickets were snapped up quickly for this one, however keep an eye on the event page for anyone no longer able to attend, and follow Salt + Sass on Twitter to keep up to date on the next one.


Also worth checking out:

FACTORY BERLIN – Music & Tech: An International Women’s Day Event at Factory Berlin – MEHR INFOS
MAZE – Female:Pressure International Women’s day Jam – MEHR INFOS


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Feature image: Salt & Sass


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