What’s Up Weekend? 28 August – 2 September 2014


Oh God – it’s a big week. REally. IT’S A BIG WEEK. We’ve got the HKI 1952 Pop up bar launching. Silo (our favourite coffee shop) turns one, and celebrates with Our/Berlin espresso Martinis. Torstrassen Festival takes charge and gets everyones interests piqued. And we give tickets away to a very Beatrausch event at ://ABOUT BLANK. Put a fork in me, I’m done – and it’s only Thursday.

Additional to this?…say hello to a new/old friend – Our/Berlin Vodka! We’re excited to announce that for the next couple of weeks, What’s Up Weekend will be brought to you by Our/Berlin Music Week which is coming to an Arena near you from the 3 – 5 September with free music from all goods outta Scandinavia. Curated by those pretty dandelions at Nordic by Nature, hydrated by our dear friends at Our/Berlin Vodka and run in conjunction with Berlin Music Week – it’s going to be a bonkers handful of days.

Below are some of the events we are recommending for the week ahead in Berlin. Each of them is either highlighted with a:

Bron loves it! – more electronic, than not.
Lucy loves it! – more indie boy band/ pop vibes/ not techno.
Everyone loves it! – 2.5 words: shit’s ACE

***DISCLAIMER: these aren’t the only discos that are going on – they are just the ones that stand out.


HKI 1952 POP UP BAR – Lucy loves it !

The temporary bar at Torstrasse 66 is open from August 28th to September 7th with no less than 17 live bands, DJs, art and fashion during this time. This is all coming together because of Hartwall Original Long Drink, which is a cult drink of Finland. The back story? I’ll tell you: HKI1952 refers to the year 1952, when Helsinki (HKI) hosted the Olympic Summer Games. The gin-based Original Long Drink was invented especially to help restaurants serve ready-to-drink mixes to the crowds of foreign Olympic tourists. Thursday night kicks everything off with all sorts of fun – namely Noah Kin, who we think is a little Finnish pocket rocket – but by all means, make your own call on this. 



SILO – Everybody loves it!

If you like great coffee, you’ll have no doubt visited one of our favourite spots in Berlin at some point over the past year (and if you haven’t – what have you been DOING?! Recap here). Tonight – Silo celebrate their first birthday (Alles Gute guys!) and you’re invited to join in the party. Kicking off at the ideal post-work hour of 18:30, party fare/Getränke for the occasion will include food from their upcoming menu, Espresso martinis (made with Alchemy Coffee and Our/Berlin vodka – natürlich), Craft Beers and acoustic tunes from Idriss & Co. Coffee, booze, food, tunes and very likely top Leute – this is quite the first Geburtstag and your Freitag abend sorted. Lucy will be there – say hallöchen!


Also worth checking out:

TRESOR – Tuna Park meets Unbroken w/ Inigo Kennedy, Route 8, Alienata  – MEHR INFOS


TORSTRASSE – Everyone loves it ! (yes, the whole fucking street)

Torstraßen Festival is happening. It’s all over Berlin Mitte, in and around Torstraße – and it’s exciting. With local/ international acts gracing the music venues of the city’s “center” it’s a great excuse to walk the streets, people watch, catch some new/ interesting acts and generally feel like you are attacking life in all the right ways. We made a list of people we are excited to see, in case you thought this might be a good idea.

Lambert – Classical flavour – really that’s what Lambert is. Point of difference, old mate wears a mask. This could very well be the best way to start of your Torstrassen Festival to ease in to all the sense of new discovery and immersion. I think that maybe the event listing does Lambert the most justice with the description of “minimal etudes of melodic memorability, intimate production, and humble charme.” Cheers to eloquent/ concise writers !

Waldo Bar | 13:00

Skiing – Are you a bit over this progressive, minimal, techno, dark house, Berlin flavour? Me too, most of the time. So welcome Skiing – as much fun as their name suggests (who doesn’t like winter sports !) these guys are a Berlin based US sounding group that probably won’t make you want to drop hard drugs and sink into a couch somewhere in the depth of Berghain. Success !

Bassy Club | 14:00

Federico Albanese – Really very beautiful sounds. Chimes and cellos and all things bloody uplifting in a classy way. This is the sort of music you drop into without much contemplation for what is happening around you, and during a big day of music and people and booze – isn’t that take 5 moment exactly what we all need. This and Federico is a total babe. HALLO !

Waldo Bar | 17:00

Africaine 808 – It seems I might be a bit stuck in this drumsy, Africana, electro feels right now – and really, there is nothing wrong with that. Africaine 808 makes me want to dance like an idiot with the occasional shoulder shimmy for good measure – and on a Saturday this is entirely welcome.

Acud Club | 20:00. 

Yohuna – Total vibey 90’s flavours is everything Yohuna is to me. Somehow I’m wishing oversized brand name hoodies on myself and a sense of melancholy because isn’t life hard when you are a brooding adolescent of the complicated yet total fucking simple pre-internet era of the 90’s?.. Totally.

Gaststätte W. Prassnik | 21:00

M.E.S.H. – So, we have had a fare of dreamy pop, African beats, Californian based it’s time to get dark production vibey. Say hello to M.E.S.H. Brought to you by the guys over at Shameless Limitless – this is all the right sort of flavours to finish your Festival up on to propel you into an evening of debauchery and possibly decadence.

Platoon Kunsthalle | 21:00

Also worth checking out:


STATTBAD – Stattnacht w/ Vakula, Delta Funktionen – MEHR INFOS 

://ABOUTBLANK – Pudel zieht Blank w/ Shackleton, Circuit Diagram – MEHR INFOS



://ABOUT BLANKBron loves it!

Getting Lost in a Moment not quite your vibe (see below)? Then let Beatrausch sort you out with a pretty great Sonntags alternativ by way of this totally schön ‘How Soon is Now’ all-dayer. On top of being at one our favourite venues for day-time and outdoor mischief, they’ve pulled together a pretty delicious line-up to throw all sorts of emotional house our/your way. Kicking off at the ideal afterhour of 10:00am and running for a solid 12-Stunden, live tunes will be provided by Riotvan/Lobster Theremin’s Panthera Krause, who just happened to have the wonderfully moreish ‘Rules’ debut on Boiler Room earlier this week. On the dj-front: Retreat Soundsystem, L.I.E.S. Florian Kupfer, Kate Miller b2b Reznik (Keinemusik) and rounding things out the perhaps not so mysterious “Nax Naef b2b Mano Gransen” ( Get Deep / Box aus Holz / The Gym ). We’re sold. However if you need even more convincing:


Thanks to team Beatrausch / How Soon Is Now, we have a pair of tickets to these ideal Sonntag feelings to giveaway. Yeah! To win, flick this post a like and email hey@lucyvstheglobe.com with the subject ‘How Soon Is Now’ before Saturday 17:00. The winner will be notified shortly afterwards.


Also worth checking out:

SCHÖNHOLZER HEIDE – Lost in a Moment w/ Dixon, Ame, Mano Le Tough, Gerd Janson – MEHR INFOS