What’s Up Weekend? 23 – 29 June 2016


Berlin Midsommar Festival, a techno open air – tonight! – and a plethora of vibes both inside the clubs and out, our picks for the next week or so are below. Each of them is either highlighted with a:

Bron loves it! – more electronic, than not.
Lucy loves it! – more indie boy band/ pop vibes/ not techno.
Everyone loves it! – 2.5 words: shit’s ACE and/or edible.

Vibes incoming!


IPSEBron loves it!

We’re looking at a balmy Sommer’s abend / peak Berlin open air Wetter tonight which is great news for this little dance happening on Ipse’s roofless dancefloor. Kicking off at 18:00 – when that 30 grad Sonne is likely still to be prime – Festival Forte are joining forces with Be-At TV to present a pre-party ahead of the festival proper which happens at a castle on the Portugese coast in late August. In line with their main event, tonight’s pre party is a punchy techno number and will feature Ancient Methods (aufnahme + wiedergabe / Ancient Methods), Expander (Soniculture) and Subjected (Vault Series / Electric Delux), with the whole thang also streamed line via Be-At TV. Tickets can be snapped up in advance or on the door, vibes found on that open air dancefloor.


Also worth checking out:

KLUNKERKRANICH – Private Records presents: “Let’s Go Into Space” – MEHR INFOS



URBAN SPREEEverybody loves it! It’s a Scandinavian babe fest!

The only real excuse to don a flower crown is back this Freitag and we’re as excited as ever to skip around an actual genuine Maypole and celebrate summer solstice with a bunch of really ridiculously good looking people. Brought to us by the good Leute of Nordic by Nature and a bunch of their Nordic friends, Berlin Midsommar Festival is one of our favourite summer traditions and this year will be back at Urban Spree with music, babes, games, food, babes, drinks, babes und mehr. On the music side – CHAIN WALLET (NO, live) LISA ALMA (DK, live), WANGEL, Pop Slutties, LORD PUSSWHIP (IS, live), GNUČČI (SE, live), Sascha Schlegel (FluxFM, DJ) und mehr – while for traditional Scandinavian Midsommar games get involved in a Göteborg Paper Chase, Fünfkampf, Kubb Fiskdamm and at 22:00 the main event, dancing around the maypole. There will also be food from Bone.BerlinTapiocariaKauf Dich Glücklich + mehr. And bonus extra this year – a Finish Sauna! We are not making this up! While free tickets have unfortunately now been snapped up,  you’ll can still experience all of this Scandi glory via a 10 EUR number at the door oder for four lucky Leute….


Huhuuu! Fancy all of the above for free but didn’t score a ticket? Kein Ding! Our friends at Nordic by Nature have given us 2 x 2 to giveaway. To win:

  1. Flick this post a like – you can do this up the top or at the bottom. Options!
  2. Email win@lucyvstheglobe.com with Midsommar in the subject line
  3. Include your name in the body if your email or Facebook is cryptic
  4. Check your email on Friday afternoon!….You have until Fri, 12:00 to enter.


Also worth checking out: 







PRINCE CHARLES – J.A.W Africa Special w/ Sadar Bahar, Rich Medina, Paulo Superfly – MEHR INFOS
LOFTUS HALL – African Acid Is The Future#7 – MEHR INFOS
://ABOUT PARTY – Blank Generation w/ Matias Aguayo, Lawrence, Electric Indigo Live – MEHR INFOS
CHALET – Clubnight w/ Jackmaster, Devan, High Had – MEHR INFOS
BASE MENT – Hip hip hip – Beats x Sisterhood x Nail Art x Visual Creativity – MEHR INFOS



://ABOUT BLANK Bron loves it!

All about those open air feels this WE? Us too. And as usual when the sun’s out we’re eyeing off ://about blank and it’s never-ending garden / playground and roofless dancefloor of vibes. This weekend, it’s the return of immer gut in-house party, Blank Generation, which this round will host a plethora of local and visiting friends, incl. Matias AguayoLawrenceDerek PlaslaikoElectric Indigo (live), Tensal (Tensal / modularz), Anja Zaube, Barbara Hofmann, Hagen RichterDiwaRon Wilson und mehr. More of a nighttime player? This actually all kicks off Saturday night and is a whopping 24 hour affair, with the night time leg (presumedly) taking place indoors. Choose your own adventure. Entry: sat. 23:59 – 01:00 8€ // sat. 01:00 sun. 08:00 14€ // sun. 08:00 – end 10€



When in doubt – the big haus – and whether you’re making a night/day/night of it or slotting in a dance amongst lake Zeit there is one very appealing line-up beckoning us to Am Wriezener Bahnhof this WE. Downstairs: Kobosil, Pangaea, Scuba, October, Norman NodgeShlømo live, Antigone and Kr!z. In Peebs: Margaret DygasVirginiaAybee live, Massimiliano PagliaraÂmeJerome Sydenham, Marquis Hawkes and Valentino Mora. Garden – tbc. Recommended Pbar cocktail to go with the weather – a cruise ship-ready Mai Tai. Really, you should try this. 



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