What’s Up Weekend? 18 – 24 February 2016


Clubs clubs clubs, all-day-breakfast grazing, all the dreamy live feels from Jaakko Eino Kalevi and a really really good reason to head out on a mid-week via the latest DJ Kicks release party feat. Moodymann (casual). Our party picks for the wochenende and beyond are below. Each of them is either highlighted with a:

Bron loves it! – more electronic, than not.
Lucy loves it! – more indie boy band/ pop vibes/ not techno.
Everyone loves it! – 2.5 words: shit’s ACE and/or edible.



PANORAMA BAR – Innervisions w/ Jacob Korn (live), Âme, Alex.Do, Stefan Goldmann- MEHR INFOS
PRINCE CHARLES – Delusions Of Grandeur Exposé w/ Jimpster, Sessions Victim, Tornado Wallace – MEHR INFOS
ARENA CLUB – Escapism w/ Ryan James Ford, Ken Karter – MEHR INFOS
://ABOUT BLANK – Homopatik Carioca – MEHR INFOS
IPSE – Vexed w/ Cassegrain live, Artefakt, Jon Hester – MEHR INFOS
TRESOR – Tresor.Klubnacht w/ Joey Anderson, Staffan Linzatti – MEHR INFOS



GRETCHEN – Live in Gretchen: Shigeto, Lord Raja & Heathered Pearls – MEHR INFOS
OHM – Version w/ Orson, Hops, Uta – MEHR INFOS
LOFTUS HALL – African Acid is the Future – MEHR INFOS
SILENT GREEN KULTURQUARTIER – Subkultur / Berlin 80’s w/ Capablanca, Mark Reeder – MEHR INFOS



MARKTHALLE NEUNEverybody loves it!

We give The Breakfast Market a shout out quite regularly – and for good reason too. This has to be up there for best ways to spend lazy, edible Sonntag in Berlin and provides an nice alternative (or part-time break!) from marathons in the big haus. Taking place on the 3rd Sonntag of every month and open for the better part of the day, this deliciousness consists of stall after stall of brunch-leaning street food and drinks along with a few more-than-decent wine stands. Some of our tips: Graze, share lots of plates, block off your afternoon, share a bottle of bubbles (it’s a Sonntag afterall), matcha cheesecake (the stall is somewhere near the Oyster guy), perhaps a second bottle of bubbles, the Oyster guy!, Chutnify‘s breakfast wrap (and hotter than the sun spicy sauce – in Germany!) and perhaps a final glass of bubbles to finish.




TRESOR – House of Waxx w/ Finn Johannsen, Resom, Tristen – MEHR INFOS



KANTINE AM BERGHAINEverybody loves it! 

This Tues our friends at Shameless/Limitless and Nordic by Nature are joining forces to host Helsinki-bred, Berlin-based Jaako Eino Kalevi for a night of all the dreamy feels in Berghain’s Kantine. Coming off the back of a cheeky global tour (incl. Australia – huhu!), the Weird World / Domino-releasing Fin is back performing live in the B and we’re looking forward all sorts of these lovely carry-you-away vibes from his debut full-length, which was released last June. Tickets in advance or on the door, support act TBA.




://ABOUT BLANK Bron loves it! 

How’s your ability to bounce back after dancing on a school-night? Gut oder schlecht, we’d suggest testing it right here for one of the more bananas things we’ve seen on a mid-week for a long time, coming from the combined forces of Away and !K7. Celebrating the release of 52nd installment of !K7’s DJ Kicks series, this is one hell of a release party featuring the legend behind this mix, Moodymann. On a Wednesday! Casual. Listen to what is probably one of the schöner things we’ve heard so far this year, over here. Not stopping there, he’ll be joined on the nacht by: AndresFLO REALMove DQuarionPeggy GouDaniela La Luz (live) and the !K7 and Away crews.


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