What’s Up Weekend? 16 – 22 October 2014


This week’s we’ve got Sandra TONIGHT, boat party vibes – kind of – tomorrow via The Buff Dance, African and Dancehall at Yaam, FKA Twigs (FKA TWIGS) and 15 Years of Beats in Space at Berghain. All the things! Kisses X

Below are some of the events we are recommending for the week ahead in Berlin. Each of them is either highlighted with a:

Bron loves it! – more electronic, than not.
Lucy loves it! – more indie boy band/ pop vibes/ not techno.
Everyone loves it! – 2.5 words: shit’s ACE.

***DISCLAIMER: these aren’t the only discos that are going on – they are just the ones that stand out.


URBAN SPREE – Lucy loves it!

Feeling gloomy about the weather? Yeah, us too. But don’t let it bring you down THERE IS SO MUCH GOING ON, even on a Thursday. Tonight – Sandra Kolstad takes over Urban Spree with the release of her latest album Zero Gravity State of Mind. Combining femmes passion for acoustic and electronic elements in an experimental musical universe – it’s a 10/10 sensory experience. Support comes from Norwegian one-may show Bjørkås, with the femmes from Nordic by Nature also doing their DJ thang. Doors at 20:00, tunes from 20:30.


Also worth checking out:

ARENA CLUB – People Like Us Berlin with Monoloc, Oliver Deutschmann, Derek Plaslaiko – MEHR INFOS


HOPPETOSSEBron loves it!

Looking for a house-y dancefloor with good Leute and ideal vibes to kickstart your wochenende? Say hallöchen to The Buff Dance at Hoppetosse. A party that we were first got hooked on in 2013 via nights at Club der Visionaere, TBD returns this Freitag with this round to be held at Hoppetosse, CDV’s boat/winter dancefloor on the Spree. This edition sees TBD’s Preesh Mendez and Bake USTL joined by Hard Wax’s Finn Johannsen and Perlon’s James Dean Brown – with the predicted musical direction being various layers of house and probably a whole lot of records we’ve never heard before. Hallo ear treats. Doors at midnight, last dance open ended. We’re in.


Also worth checking out:


OHM – Allergy Season w/ Garldand, Terekke – MEHR INFOS



YAAMEverybody loves it!

We almost missed this one, which would’ve been a shame as it looks kinda awesome. Returning to Yaam this weekend is a party called The Ritual – which we’re told is all about celebrating music, diversity and life. All the good thangs! Kicking off at 23:00 this night is offering a pretty delicious and world-spanning musical offering, with Rhythm & Sound / Hard Wax’s Mark Ernestus (who you might have caught two weeks back with Jeri-Jeri), Paris’ Mawimbi (who we’re told play a ‘lively and very danceable mixture of African and electronic music’ – yes bitte!), Nomad, A.I.A.C. and a night-long takeover on the second dancefloor from soundsystem crew Supersonic. Amongst a smorgasbord of house and techno this might be the variety you’re looking for, and either way a really fun night. (Bonus extra – have you checked out the new Yaam yet? Us neither. Get all over that).



Like electronic music, even just a bisschen? There’s a good chance you’ve encountered a Beats in Space radio show over the years, and this year the WNYU radio show and label from Tim Sweeney celebrates a kinda mega 15 years in the business. 15 YEARS. (I’m still trying to comprehend how old he must’ve been to start this). This weekend – celebrate the good vibes with the Berlin-leg of the celebrations/release party for the BIS Anniversary compilation in Panorama Bar with the BIS chief being joined by Tin Man (live)Oskar Offermann & Edward and Eric Duncan anything & Justin Vandervolgen. As Sonntag kicks on, you’ll also be able to catch Mike HuckabyMove DMike Servito and Nick Höppner. It’s wild. Techno more your flavour? Droid are having a nacht on the mainfloor with Boris, Len Faki, Fiedel, Drumcell, Norman Nodge und mehrrr. Viel spaß/wear dancing shoes.


Also worth checking out:

OHM – Sex Tags Mania presents FIT Detroit – MEHR INFOS


KULTURBRAUEREIEverybody loves it! 

FKA Twigs is in town and predictably this one sold out ages ago. Unless you were super organised there’s probably a pretty slim chance of finding a ticket, HOWEVER really really wanna go? Let’s re-post our last min ticket finding suggestions:

  1. Post on, refresh, hound, always-keep-open, the event page. Someone’s friend has to be too sick/out of town right?
  2. Go there early, ask around – things do happen at the last minute, maybe someone’s mate had a dodgy Döner on the weg, spare tickets can appear. Don’t be afraid to ask!
  3. Go there early, look for scalpers. Not as common in Germany, but these pricks do still exist. Bring geld.
  4. Make friends with Twigs.

Viel glück! (particularly with the last one)



MASTICATE – monochrom (dinner, art & performance) – MEHR INFOS

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