What’s Up Weekend? 13 – 19 March 2013


What's up Weekend?
I have asked my mate Bron to give us a round-up of what’s going on in Berlin each week. Allowing us all to machen die Party. I’m not very techno-techno-techno – but Berlin is, and so is your mate Bron. Each event is either highlighted with a:

Bron loves it! – more electronic, than not.
Lucy loves it! – more indie boy band/ pop vibes/ not techno.
Everyone loves it! – 2.5 words: shit’s ACE.

Here are your go-to’s for the week ahead.

**DISCLAIMER: these aren’t the only discos that are going on – they are just the ones that stand out.


PRINCE CHARLESEveryone loves it! Bron (might) be going

Your value for Geld really lies at Prince Charles any given Friday, with free entry until 11pm and ideal Freitag tunes from 7 until sunrise. The main bill tonight (midnight onwards) sees American purveyors of prime house/techno selection Hakim Murphy (Innerspace Halflife) and Eric Cloutier join local ledge DJ Pete for the return of Soulmate. Embrace the soundsystem and take your conversations to the far side of the bar.

Earlier on, the warm-up comes from the weekly T Room Sessions who this week showcase Arttu, Luca Lozano and Christian Vance. Wie immer, your tunes can come with a side of Essen. Menu yet to be posted – I’m going to put it out there and ask for something with Wurst.


GRETCHEN – Everyone loves it!

Get ready to get low – Lunice is in town. Quite regularly seen as part of the 2012 dominating TNGHT with Hud Mo, Lunice is a party starter in the finest sense and should likely take Soundwave Festival’s launch party to all sorts of wonderfully bad-ass heights. Joined by Fly Lo protege Jeremiah Jae, shit should get low AND sexy.


TRESOR – Bron loves it! 

I haven’t big-upped Tresor in a while, perhaps not yet on What’s Up at all (?), and while entering a lazer soaked dungeon isn’t for everyone, if quality techno’s on your mind this Friday, this is where you’ll want to be. Glaswegian maestro Gary Beck will be taking over the main floor, with fine company in the form of DJ Rush. Meanwhile, upstairs sees a semi-Greek invasion thanks to GummiHz and Quell. If you only venture to Tresor on occasion, this could be a good one.



MOOVEEveryone loves it! Lucy is most likely going.

Lucy threw Eric Crusher (and Chloe) aka Sweatshirt my way (and yours too if you were following) when we were both pretty new to Berlin life. It was August, we were kicking about on bikes, unemployed, there was sun and deciding to either daytime drink in Görlitzer Park with all our new mates or sunbake at the Badeschiff was as tough as life got. Shit was pretty divine and these two provided a fitting dream pop soundtrack. Tonight Eric & Chloe take to what appears to be a furniture shop (?) near Tiergarten, and will hopefully inject some Berlin summer into this ‘Spring’. Let the lovely wash right over you…



BERGHAIN/PANORAMA BARBron loves it! And is going!

Gerd Janson. DVS1. Karenn (live). Robert Hood. Benjamin Damage. Marcel Dettmann. Rødhåd. Roman Flügel. Schwarzmann (Henrik Schwarz & Ame). Marcus Worgull. Dixon. Petre Inspirescu. Alex.Do. Monkey Maffia. More Ame. Do you know anything about techno?


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