What’s Up Weekend? 12 – 18 June 2014


It’s a bit of a UK invasion this wochenende with the return of UK-flavoured night Locked to Prince Charles, Hyperdub turning 10 (alles gute!) in Berghain and Daniel Avery’s Pbar debut sometime on Sunday morning. There’s also a naked bike ride – hey, some (more daring) Brits are likely involved in that too. NUDE KISSES X

This week we are still giving things away, thanks to the lovely team over at Nutcase Helmets. If you still don’t know who Nutcase is – you need to do a better job of paying attention, but I will go through it again. Nutcase make helmets for your heads. Nice helmets for your head. What this does is it keeps your brain safe when you’re navigating the streets among cars, people and other moving objects that get in your way along the asphalt. Brain safety is much like safe sex and/ or wearing a seat belt – a very real thing.

Riding your bike from disco to disco, at night, tiddley (idiots) is bigger than the blog and not something we can single-handedly solve – but we can negotiate it. Welcome our Nutcase Helmet giveaway. Winning is dead easy, all you have to do is the following:

  1. Give us your details through the Facebook page
  2. And you’ll go in the running.

It is actually the easiest thing you will do today, probably. Sort your life out.

Below are some of the events we are recommending for the week ahead in Berlin. Each of them is either highlighted with a:

Bron loves it! – more electronic, than not.
Lucy loves it! – more indie boy band/ pop vibes/ not techno.
Everyone loves it! – 2.5 words: shit’s ACE

***DISCLAIMER: these aren’t the only discos that are going on – they are just the ones that stand out.


PRINCE CHARLES –  Bron loves it!

Keeping up the UK-flavoured goodness, Locked returns to Prince Charles this week for some more of those party starting vibes. Guests this summer round include Berlin-based dj, producer and NTS radio regular Braiden alongside  purveyor of classic classic UK garage, Wookie. Don’t look confused – you know this or quite possibly this. As always Locked residents Uta and Dean Driscoll will round out the ideal musical selection. Things will kick off slightly earlier this week at 11pm – get all over the post-work dancefloor.


You know ze drill. Thanks to the crew behind Locked we’re giving away guest list for you +1 of your garage-loving amigos, for frei, kostenlos, gratis. Just email win@lucyvstheglobe.com by Friday 3pm with the subject LOCKED. Too einfach.


BERGHAIN / PANORAMA BAR – Bron loves it!

Hyperdub are turning 10 and as part of their celebrations are having a big Geburtstagsfeier at Berghain. They’re obviously inviting along some of their key players, with the night seeing label head Kode9 joined by Scratcha DVA, Laurel Halo (live), DJ Spinn & Taso, LVTG favourite Cooly G and Kuedo. Upstairs, the mostly-UK feelings continue for Finest Friday with Floating Points and Ben UFO, joined by DJ Sotofett and Dresvn (live). It’s a ridiculously punchy offering, and should be one hell of  a party.

(**Our thoughts for managing this hektisch Freitag? Hit Locked at Prince Charles then head over to the big house once that winds up around sunrise)


Also worth checking out:

LOOPHOLE – Shameless / Limitless x Summer Cool w/ Mathematique + mehr – MEHR INFOS

STATTBAD – Bass Cadet Anniversary – MEHR INFOS


WORLD NAKED BIKE RIDE  – Everybody loves it! 

UPDATE: Unfortunately this has been cancelled. 

Exactly what the tit(le) says – this Sat sees Berliners strip-off and cycle, in the name of promoting bike safety alongside a stance on the negative consequences of our reliance on pollution-causing transport. There’s also a body image acceptance message in there too. SO MANY BIRDS, ONE STONE. Already quite a worldwide movement, with 70 cities and 20 countries on board for this year’s rides, we think this sounds like a pretty awesome initiative and ideal Saturday afternoon activity, and we hope some of the reckless drivers we encounter daily as cyclists here in Berlin will take notice. Starting in Kreuzberg at 16:00. Get yo gear off!


Also worth checking out:

LOFTUS HALL – Praying to the Light Machine w/ ZK Bucket + mehr – MEHR INFOS

://ABOUT BLANK – Get Deep pres. One night in Cómeme – MEHR INFOS


BERGHAIN / PANORAMA BAR – Bron loves it!

Oh hihi. This right here is one of those Berghain-lang wochenendes, with not only Hyperdub goodness on Fri but the Sat onwards main leg also looking exceptionally tasty. WHAT DAYLIGHT. This round’s temptations include a pretty bonkers session on the main floor thanks to Oliver Deutschmann, Ben Klock, Marcel Fengler, Redshape (live) and Trouw’s leading lady Sandrien. Upstairs, there’s a long awaited Pbar appearance from Daniel Avery (my hands are raising already), alongside Erol Alkan, Ghost Culture and Nick Höppner. Prediction – vibes.



ELSE – Waterville Open Air w/ The Drifter, Permanent Vacation – MEHR INFOS

MARKTHALLE NEUN – Streetfood Thursday: The Breakfast Market (ie the hangover cure) – MEHR INFOS

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