What’s Up Weekend? 10 – 16 March 2016


This week we’re vibing all the friendly dancefloor vibes with the return of Room 4 Resistance (to which we’re giving away tickets – read onnn!), Friday feels at Sameheads, a pretty special series of sleep-in concerts at Berliner Kraftwerk and so much mehr. It’s a non-stop good time and getting involved comes highly recommended.

Below are some of the events we’re into over the week ahead. They’re marked with either:

Bron loves it! – more electronic, than not.
Lucy loves it! – more indie boy band/ pop vibes/ not techno.
Everyone loves it! – 2.5 words: shit’s ACE and/or edible.


SAMEHEADSBron loves it!

I admittedly only started listening to Project Pablo (1080p) once this event invite came my way (did I miss a memo somewhere? Possibly), however over the course of the week or so I’ve become kinda hooked (his BR mix in particular is getting a big workout) – so a big ja bittteee to this schön little line-up this Freitag Abend on one of Berlin’s cosier dancefloors. Hosted by the combined dream team of Shameless/Limitless and no fear of pop, PP will be joined by Bluntman Deejay aka House Of Doors (Mood Hut), Bahamian Moor (NTS Radio) and W/ndows (Berlin). Tickets on the door, vibes inside.


Also worth checking out:

PANORAMA BAR – Finest Friday w/ Honey Soundsystem – MEHR INFOS



TRESOR – Tresor 25 Years – MEHR INFOS
DAS GIFT – NFOP x Das Gift Official Spring 2k16 Kickoff Edition – MEHR INFOS
PRINCE CHARLES – Horse Meat Disco – Last Dance w/ Prince Charles  – MEHR INFOS
SALON ZUR WILDEN RENATE – Shack your Body w/ Elbee Bad, Buzz Goree, Rotciv – MEHR INFOS
CHALET – Clubnight w/ Chaos in the CBD, Valentin Stip, Mculo, FM – MEHR INFOS
BERGHAIN / PANORAMA BAR – Ben UFO, Blawan, Ben Klock, Surgeon – MEHR INFOS



://ABOUT BLANKBron loves it!

There are few things we enjoy more than a Sonntags dance, and this Sonntag our pick is a party full of great vibes, killer tunes and a friendly, open crowd, Room 4 Resistance. R4R’s ethos is pretty great: a party dedicated to diversity – of musical styles, sexualities, ethnicities, bodies – that aims to feature women, queers, transpeople, and people of colour in leadership roles, without categorisation. In short – a place to feel at home, and this edition will see residents Luz (R4R), Dasco (R4R) and LMGM (La Mission, R4R) creating those party feels alongside guests Sassmouth (Smart Bar, As You Like it), Doc Sleep (Jacktone Records, Intergalactic FM) and Yuko Asunama. Recommended warm up: this punchy mix from Doc Sleep for Honey Soundsystem and Sassmouth’s As You Like It mix right here. Kicking of at 15:00, the party should run for a cheeky 12 hours (proper dancing shoes recommended), with tickets on the door, oder….


Fancy a little Sonntags dance for free/kostenlos/gratis? You’re in luck! Thanks to the lovely Room 4 Resistance crew we have 1 x 2 guest list spots to giveaway. Bitte schön! To win:

  1. Flick this post a like – you can do this up the top or at the bottom. Options!
  2. Email win@lucyvstheglobe.com with Room 4 Resistance in the subject line
  3. Include your name in the body if your email or Facebook is cryptic
  4. Check your email on Saturday afternoon!….You have until Sat, 11:00 to enter.




KRAFTWERKEverybody loves it!

This right here sounds kinda amazing and if you’re open to shaking up your midweek M.O. we suggest getting involved in what should be one very memorable sleepover. Taking place in Berlin’s other former power plant behemoth over three consecutive nights, this week sees the world premier of Max Richter‘s SLEEP, one of the longest single pieces of classical music in history, an eight hour long score for piano, strings, electronics and vocals – with the intention of being listened to in and out of sleep. Um – amazing. Joining Max (piano and electronics) on the nights will be The Max Richter Ensemble and soprano Grace Davidson, with beds provided for the audience and bringing your own bedding encouraged. Tickets range from 38 – 48 EUR (at the box office or online) and the evening runs from 22:00 – 08:00. We expect this to be a special one.



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