What the fuck am I doing with my hands?


So yesterday I had a super busy day – like out of control – running around the city, picking shit up – getting shit done. It was crazy – you can probably tell because I only posted one thing yesterday when I normally post about a THOUSAND. Anyway – I had to go to our t-shirt printers in the industrial area of SF. So I get there with my mate Kristine – and she looks out the car window and this is how it goes:

K: hey is that that dude – you know from Myth Busters?
L: Wait what? Who?
K: you know the guy from Myth Busters that wears that hat all the time.
L: no WAY – shut up. It is the guy from that show – I so want a photo.
K: I want a photo too – I watched his SHARK WEEK episode – it was sick.

We get out of the car and faff about – putting on jacket, Kristine falls down a hole while trying to look cool walking backwards – you know the uuusual.

L: I’m getting a photo, fuck this – I’m international. Everybody loves an Australian
L: Hey – sorry, excuse me – sorry to be one of those people – but may I please get a photo with you..
Myth Buster guy (Jamie?): uh
L: I’m really sorry to ask but it’s just that I’m not even from here – and Australia will die. So I need this.
Myth Busters agent: yeah ok – but quick- don’t loiter.
Myth Busters guy (Jamie?): ok lets do this

The above is what happened.. I’m not even sure what I am doing with my hands – I mean what sort of a fucking retard am I..? I look like lobster hands.. Way to ruin the 5 mins of fame moment LJ, fark.

Kristine and I decided that I must have been going for the thumbs up – and then reconsidered. either way – I look like a nuf nuf.

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