Weird shit I am listening today.


Gang Gang Dance’s Mind Killa (from their forthcoming album Eye Contact due out May 9/10 – country code depending) – is rocking my socks off. I am like totally obsessed with the bouncey, irratic’ness of it all.. Like, TOTALLY OBSESSED.

What I love the most – is the Hush, little baby lyrics sprinkled through.. YAYAAYAYYA – buy me a diamond ring – and then smoother me in this song, to get down to, barefoot, atop my bed (standing/ dancing, not getting down/down… GET IT TOGETHER)

Refinery 29 put it perfectly, so I am just going to steal quotes from them:

“I’d like to think if Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure is ever remade, the music they experience as their phone booth travels to the future would sound something like this.” – Refinery 29

Click here to download Mind Killa (mp3)


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