Wednesday gets dreamy with Joel Hood


Not sure if it’s the sexy sax sounds (try and say that fast), the dreamy flow, or just the fact that it’s Sunday WEDNESDAY and (on Sunday, this should probably all be written in past tense now) I feel like I have been a prisoner to my apartment for the last 24hrs. BUT Joel Hood is making my skin tingly, in a good way – not a rash way.

Obviously, I have been writing this post since Sunday – it’s currently Wednesday, that is in fact how manic my week has been.

Our mate Joel just signed up with a facebook page for his music bidness – I suggest you go fan it, AND I suggest you go listen to his tunes.

To be honest there is something really nice about being one of the first 100 to like a new Facebook page – you sort of feel in the know. SO – get in the know my minons, and feel really nice liking and listening your mate Joel Hood.

Because he is pretty fucking dreamy.


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