We playlist September, it’s a dreamy 35 mins


SO – I moved on the weekend. It was hectic, I had to clean an entire 38sq metre apartment. Which actually wasn’t a thing, but I hate cleaning. And frankly – I was going to call a cleaner so I didn’t have to deal with it, but then I thought – If I do it, then I can gift myself with the money I save for not being lazy..

Problem with that was – I ended up gifting myself with too many drinks in the evening. And spent the entire Sunday in bed/ eating. Not ideal.

Anyway – I made a playlist for the activity that was cleaning. It’s some of my fav songs from September. It’s only going to eat maybe 35-40m of your life, which therefore makes this pretty commitment light… IDEAL.

The track list is as follows:

ø Roosevelt — Sea
ø MS MR — Dark Doo Wap
ø Extraperlo — Ardiente Figura
ø Rhye — The Fall
ø Kakkmaddafakka — Restless
ø Chad Valley — Fall 4 U (Lissvik Remix)
ø Founds — Caves
ø Rush Midnight — The Night Was Young Enough
ø S O H N — The Wheel

Have a listen & love everyone senseless.



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