We made it to New York – and we’re gifted with this.


So – we made it. 13,000km. 8,000miles. approx 15 states. 4 time zones. Too many State Parks to count. 3 Oceans. and so many other silly things I could list but really can’t be eff’ed. We made it – hurrah.

Dropped Erica(R) our Chevy Cruze off at JFK. We miss her already – but not really at all, because now I can get drunk, whenever. And we are in New York. Take a moment. It’s glorious.

So upon arrival we get this – a new project from one of the delightful sports out of Aviaries. The new outfit is called Goodbye Chanel┬áthe song is Liefe – and it makes me feel pretty giddy.

Hit play – fan the facebook, and rejoice that posting is now back to normal.



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