We are getting our Scandinavian on – embrace it.


So it seems over the weekend I took an unnatural interest in all bands from the Nordic region of Europe. In that vein I have decided that I will do a Nordic themed post daily – for the week.

This could be quite a commitment – because as I type this I think I have maybe 4 bands that I found who I am really into, which means I need to locate another 3 to make a full week. Unless we do a working week – I mean, this blog often doesn’t get done on the weekend – which is momentarily funny as everyday is a bit like the weekend for me.

The above picture is of someone walking “Nordic-ly”, which is a riot because I’m sure I have written an unflattering post about people who walk with sticks, unless they are climbing mountains (that’s no joke). So it seems that our mates from the up most regions of the globe have already started off on an interesting foot. Maybe they also invented the toe shoes > that would ideal.

Rah rah rah – we are getting Nordic, and this has been your warning.

Get excited.

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