Way to give me JAZZ HANDS – you hero(es).


YEAH YEAH YEAH. I could get all over this, in literally (LITERALLY) less than a second. It’s just so fabulous bouncy. Don’t you want to shimmy down the grocery aisle..? I do. That’s actually all I want to do. I just want to get down to our local Walgreens, get homeboy to pop this on over the loud speak and just shimmy down aisle 1-6.

And it’s all because of Electric Guest. “This Head I Hold” LE SWOON, from a variety I can’t even CLASSIFY. I just love it – and you know when you just love it, you just love it.

That’s right – so back to my Napoleon Dynamite efforts on Walgreens, maybe throw a few hair flicks in a couple of leg kicks – shimmy shimmy. I don’t even know – but life is about to get real.

Like – way so.


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