Washed Out has new things, listen.


Yes – I am one of those that kind of really likes Washed Out. I’m going to admit – I was relatively so-so about the band, and then I saw the concert.

I don’t know if it was Class Actress as the before act, or the multiple vodka’s I thought were a really clever idea at the time. But I vaguely remember it being one of the better concerts I have seen in SF..

They/ he (is it a group of more than 1? – I don’t even know!) have a new number out right now, this second – Call It Off. It kind of makes me swoony. I don’t know, feels a bit like Enya, which I’m not gonna lie – I kind of dig. Ok wait – and the guy is kind of a babe.. I didn’t know this. I mean not like – jump the bones babe, but I wouldn’t say no..

Have a listen, and maybe swoon out a fraction.


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