Vimes – the yummiest Germans, yet.


Well this is pretty bloody yummy – both for your ears AND eyes (homeboy is delicious looking, ekk!) Vimes, outta Cologne, Germany.. Where the fuck did you come from (on the big scale of – where the fuck have you been?!) I just want to pop you in my pocket party, and probably never let you out!

Coming Berlin’s direction 22nd of December (playing at Lido) – that’s kind of exciting. Christmas is starting to look really exciting, seems that people legitimately still play music during this time. Which is ideal – because what am I supposed to do with all those days off? Be hung over.

UpStairs is the track I’m vibing to right now. It’s pretty smooth disco, with a that pop edge we all know I love to get around. Actually – fuck that, I’m vibing their entire November 2nd release. HouseofDeer is also totally smooth and delicious; it makes me want to break out and fall in-love all over their dance floor…

Oh – to fall in-love on the dance floor.



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