VIDEO: Mereki – Blue Lake. I’m dying.


I think I have watched Mereki‘s video for Blue Lake about 15 times now, every time my eyes glaze over and I see things into the future. What I see is Mereki, taking over the world with her tennis skirts, platinum locks and Timberlands and all of us sitting by thinking “remember that one time she was on Spreecast with that other Australian femme, what was her name again?”

Mereki’s very first video is pop-tastic. With flickers of her parents nuptials, staring a mini Mereki and saucy shots of old mate in pools – I literally can’t get enough. Not only is it this wonderful snap shot into a younger Mereki’s life – but it also intro’s you to the great Marty and Suzy Beach; who I don’t know from a bar of soap, but they absolutely dominate the social medias which I think for parents is a pretty astounding thing.

This is me, predicting enormous things for Miss Beach… And frankly I couldn’t happier.




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